PCs for GED

is a green initiative aimed at helping you recycle/discard your old PC computer equipment, while supporting the educational success of Haywood Community College certificate and degree students as well as GED graduates from the Adult Education Program.


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  • Your PC donation will benefit a GED Graduate by providing them with one of the most  valuable tools they can have in continuing their education or career.
  • Students interested in knowing more about refurbishing equipment to a useful condition and the proper disposal methods for unsuitable parts will also benefit from your PC donation.
  • You will benefit by not having to invest the time and money into disposing the PC or erasing valuable data.  We all benefit from not filling up the landfill with PCs that a deserving graduate could use

How it Works

Bring your tax deductible computer* donation to the HCC Library in the 200 building on the main campus during normal operating hours.  (Check for seasonal hours at  http://haywood.edu/library/library_hours)

  • Staff will assist you with completing a simple PCs for GED HCC Foundation   donation form.
  • Volunteers are also available to work with you to arrange for equipment pickup.
  • Your donated equipment or components will be evaluated for suitable parts by HCC students.
  • All hard drives will be overwritten to protect your personal data.
  • Any parts deemed unsuitable will be discarded in compliance with local protocols and overseen by the HCC Sustainability Analyst.
  • Once the donated computers are refurbished, software suitable for classroom use and college level studies will be installed.

*Keyboards and mice should have USB connectors, Monitors are LCD Flat Panels.  Please no CRT’s. 
Processors should be Pentium III or better.

At present we are not accepting laptops, but  feel free to check with us at a later date.

The Results

The best part of this whole program is seeing the joy on the faces of the GED graduates who receive a complete and functioning PC at their graduation ceremony early in May of each year on the HCC campus.

You are encouraged to be there to be recognized for your valuable contribution that benefits a worthy graduate.

Don’t have PC equipment to  donate, but still want to help?

  • Volunteer time
  • Make a monetary donation to the HCC Foundation on behalf of PCs for GED

Please call:

828-565-4025 if you have any questions concerning making a donation of equipment, cash, or volunteering time to the PCs for GED program.




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