Program Outcomes

Positive Self-Identity

Students will demonstrate ability to:
1. Recognize cultural differences and treat others with dignity and respect
2. Be self aware- of both strengths and weaknesses and employ strategies to address both positively
3. Understand their role in the community and the impact of integrity and ethics on that role
4. Understand and take responsibility for personal choices
5. Recognize the value of hard work and its advantages
6. Make connections between college, community, and work
7. Understand and adapt learning strategies as needed to become a life-long learner


Students will demonstrate ability to:
1. Set goals, prioritize tasks, and evaluate outcomes for success
2. Respond to challenges as opportunities
3. Use available resources to Self advocate
4. Follow rules, guidelines, and policies which are necessary to achieve goals
5. Accept personal responsibility for actions and work

Critical Thinking

Students will demonstrate ability to:
1. Ask relevant questions
2. Formulate and test hypotheses
3. Collect information from a variety of sources and determine its validity
4. Draw inferences from different pieces of information
5. Evaluate data, thought processes, and actions
6. Understand the connections between different pieces of information and infer causal relationships
7. Understand paradigms and paradigm shifts


Students will demonstrate ability to:
1. Effectively and professionally communicate with others verbally and non-verbally
2. Use appropriate grammar, spelling, and mechanics
3. Use current technologies to demonstrate ideas
4. Edit documents to ensure clarity and conciseness and eliminate errors
5. Establish a position, organize thoughts, and support ideas in academic and non-academic settings
6. Format documents and visual aids in a style that is aesthetically effective and reinforces the message