Why HCC?

Why Haywood Community College Transfer Degrees?

~A small class size allows for personal attention at HCC. Instructors and students are able to interact and engage one another. Instructors have the ability to get to know their students, allowing for more personalized services.

~You can earn your general education requirements in an institution that is committed to sustainability. When you make a commitment to HCC you can be assured we are working to reduce the impact of your educational adventure on the environment.

~HCC is close to home, allowing you to save money on the commute and housing. You can be close to your family and job while getting the education you need to help further yourself in the business world.

~We have the Teaching and Learning Center which offers free tutoring to students. This allows the student to get the help they need to succeed.

~The cost of attending HCC versus attending local 4 year institutions is considerable. You could save enough money to help pay for a car, an apartment, or anything else you may need when you go on to finish your degree. By reducing the cost of school, it reduces the stress on the student and allows them to devote more time to study instead of work.