Business Administration

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Business Administration is the most popular and perhaps most flexible degree in the nation. The knowledge you acquire will allow you to work in almost any industry because the skills you learn in finance, marketing, accounting, human resources, management, technology and productivity software, small business start-up, economics, business law, and communication will transfer from area to area. If you aspire to be a manager in areas such as finance, banking, international business, marketing, hospitality, gaming management, not for profit administration, consulting, and many more, or even to start and operate your own small business, Business Administration is the major for you.

Graduates enjoy very optimistic opportunities for employment and promotion in lucrative careers. If you wish to pursue your education beyond the Associate Degree, the courses you have taken prepare to you specialize in a number of business related fields at the 4-year level and beyond.


mchoate.jpgMichelle Choate
Chair, Business & Entrepreneurship
185 Freedlander Drive Room 232
Clyde, NC 28721
(828) 565-4219

Linda Caldwell
Instructor, Office Administration
185 Freedlander Drive Room 239
Clyde, NC 28721
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