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Computer Information Technology Alumni

Name: Julie Rich

Hometown: Waynesville, NC
Degree Program: Information Technology
Graduation Date: May 2005
Primary Email Address:
Your work experience:
I’m currently doing Web site design and development as well as directing the efforts of two other technical people I’ve held similar positions at other companies and also done some free lance work as well as other types of IT services such as network administration and the use of point sale cash registers.
How did your degree program at Haywood Community College prepare you for your current job?
I knew only the basics about computers when I started the Information Technology program at HCC. The programming, database, and web development courses gave me the skills to function successfully in the business world as a web developer. In addition, HCC gave me the foundation to learn new skills as I needed to acquire them.

Name: Joshua Burke
Hometown: Clyde, North Carolina
Degree Program: Computer Information Technology
Graduation Date: May 2009
Primary Email Address: joshuaalanburke@gmail.com
Your work experience:
Previous to my employment I did not have much training in the technology field. Due to the classes that I took, I had an advantage when looking for jobs. Employers always like to hear about
what you learned in college so they can find ways to use it in their business.
How did your degree program at Haywood Community College prepare you for your current job?
It provided me with the general knowledge that jobs are currently looking for. Because of my degree at Haywood I was able to find a job in my field in less than a year after graduating.
Additional comments:

Don’t be discouraged by the current state of the job market. You will find the job you are looking for, it just takes time.