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Mission Statement

The Entrepreneurship program at HCC holds the highest regards for creativity, progressive thinking, and new venture growth. We seek to provide our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop their ideas into successful ventures regionally, nationally, and internationally. Our goal is to produce students with the capabilities to produce effective business plans, understand the fundamentals and challenges of starting a business, and the requirements for continued growth and success. We strive to make our program a postsecondary education of quality and practicality, while preparing students for future educatio or immediate entry into the workforce.

Program Motto

  Student Preparation for Community Prosperity

Fun Facts about the Entrepreneurship Program at HCC

  • First in the state of North Carolina
  • Articulations into Bachelor programs
  • We have a class in Innovation and Creativity!
  • Learn the principles of small business and how to apply them to new or existing businesses
  • The opportunities are endless, everything is a business in some form or another
  • Hands on learning approach – we have toured places like Dollywood and 99.9 Kiss Country
  • Internships available

In Class You Can Expect To:

  • Develop and prototype your own products
  • Learn about cheap and effective ways to market and grow your business
  • Hear stories of successful Entrepreneurs and the obstacles they have overcome
  • Network in the community and classroom
  • Write your own business plan
  • Talk to specialists who can help you secure funding for your venture
  • Explore your creativity
  • Build your own website

How You Can Use the Degree:

  • Teaches the fundamental concepts of a traditional business curriculum
  • Applicable to any small business
  • Continue your studies at the Bachelor’s level
  • Start your own company!

Business Opportunities for Students:

  • Enter Business Plan Competitions for up to $10,000 locally!
  • Start your business with FREE rent in the HCC Student Small Business Center
  • Consult with the Small Business Center before launching your business
  • Network with other students for skills like graphic design, engineering, and accounting

HCC has articulations to allow graduates of the HCC Entrepreneurship program to transfer credit hours to universities. The following articulations agreements are in place:
Western Carolina University (74-76 credit hours) to B.S. in Entrepreneurship
Montreat College (64 credit hours) to B.S. in Business Administration
Southern New Hampshire University (71 credit hours) to B.S. in Business Administration with a Concentration in Small Business Management


mcarpenter.jpgMeredith Carpenter
Instructor, Entrepreneruship
185 Freedlander Drive Room 236
Clyde, NC 28721
(828) 565-4014