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Susie Fielden, Entrepreneurship Student, is showing her school spirit with Clyde, HCC Mascot, at the annual Spring Fling.

















National Entrepreneurship Week--February 16-23, 2013

The 2013 Celebration of National Entrepreneurship Week, February 16 - 23, 2013 represents the eighth year of nationwide recognition of the heritage of entrepreneurial leadership in America, and encourages support for the growth of entrepreneurship education as a lifelong learning process.  The Week is the response to the US Congress Resolution #199 in 2006, advocating the recognition of National Entrepreneurship Week at the local, state, and national levels.  Learn more at www.entre-week.org.

The National Entrepreneurship Week will allow the entire HCC campus to

focus on some of the strengths that set HCC apart from other colleges

with our focus on entrepreneurship, sustainability, and creativity.

Date: Monday, February 18, 2013

Event: I Have a Great Idea Student Entrepreneur

Contest, Entries due at Midnight

Location: Online Submissions, submitted to


Time: Midnight

Prizes for each category: $100 for first place

$50 for second place, $25 for third place

Facilitator: Meredith Carpenter, Entrepreneurship Instructor

Audience: All county school-aged students and students at HCC.

Summary:  This is an innovation contest. Students are invited to submit a “Great Idea” for: a new (to Haywood County) business concept, or an invention. Submissions will be in the form of three minute, or less YouTube video.

The contest is open to all students at Haywood Community College, as well as school-aged children in the county, grades K-12 (public, private, or home school), in the following contest brackets: Grades K-5, Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12, Career and College Promise Students at HCC, and Haywood Community College. For contest rules and entry forms, download the following pdf documents:

Innovation Contest Rules

Contest Consent

HCC Student Entrepreneur Contest Entry Form

 or email HCC-Entrepreneurship@haywood.edu.

Date: Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Event: Marketing Your Business on Facebook

Location: HCC Campus, Freedlander Building, Room 219

Time: 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Facilitator: Denise Teague

Audience: Open to the public.

Summary:  This workshop is for businesses that are already using a business Facebook page and want to learn how to use it more effectively for marketing the business. Teague has owned a local retail business and aggressively used Facebook in her marketing strategy. Space is limited, so please register soon. Contact Sharron Donnahoe, HCC Small Business Center Director at 828-627-4512

Date: Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Event: Meet Local Business Owners Game Show

And Amanda Sorrells, of New Generation Ventures

Location: Student Center Auditorium, First Floor

Time: 10:00 am - Noon

Facilitator: Linda Caldwell, Business Administration Instructor

Audience: Open to the public.

Summary:  Local business owners in a variety of industries, will share, in a game show format, their biggest challenges, tips for success, and advice to new entrepreneurs. Amanda Sorrells, with the NC Rural Economic Development Center will introduce the New Generation Ventures Program, which supports young entrepreneurs in WNC, ages 18 to 30, with business counseling, scholarships for business training, networking opportunities and access to new forms of capital.

Date: Thursday, February 21, 2013

Event: Showcase for Student Entrepreneurs

Location: HCC Library

Time: 10:00-1:00

Prizes for each category: $100 First Place,

$50 Second Place, $25 Third Place

Facilitator: Meredith Carpenter, Entrepreneurship


Audience: Open to the public.

Summary:  A chance to pitch your idea to other faculty, staff, and students and win big bucks to help start your venture! Two categories of participation: 1)product/service or 2)craft

HCC students interested in participating must contact Kathy Brooks in room 229 to complete a Showcase Event Participation Form by Wednesday, February 13, 2013.

Date: Thursday, February 21, 2013

Event: Salon Ownership Forum

Location: Student Center Auditorium, First Floor

Time: 3:00 -4:00 p.m.

Facilitator: Denise Finger, Cosmetic Arts Instructor

Audience: Open to the public.

Summary:  Local entrepreneurs form the Cosmetic Arts industry will be panelists and share their years of experience, and answer questions about the industry and their professional success.

The Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow are in our Schools Today!!

Entrepreneurship Students Embrace the Power of Service Learning

The objective of the class was simple: conceptualize, produce, and sell a product before you graduate. To kick off the semester students in ETR 270 Entrepreneurship Issues were introduced to Asher Collie, founder of Sole Hope. She informed them about a parasite called jiggers, which live in the topsoil in Africa. This parasite enters the body through the feet and can lead to organ failure and eventually death. It is completely preventable with a pair of closed toed shoes. Her organization Sole Hope creates jobs and seeks to eliminate the parasite issue by teaching African widows to make shoes. The soles are made from recycled bike tires, which make them virtually indestructible. During their time with Asher, students asked questions about starting a non-profit and cut out the “uppers” (the fabric portion that connects to the rubber sole) for 12 pairs of shoes. It was the second day of class and students were already making a difference.

After brainstorming possibilities, students decided to manufacture Sole Hope magnets and chalkboards. They turned to fellow machining students for help in cutting the sheets of aluminum. It was here that they learned about deadline flexibility, product waste, and the true costs of production.

Throughout their journey, students maintained a blog of their adventure at http://studentsforsolehope.blogspot.com/ .Their goal was to raise awareness of Sole Hope and the Jigger parasite. With only one week remaining in the semester, students sold enough product to purchase 37 pairs of Sole Hope shoes for children and provide significant revenue to the widows-turned-entrepreneurs in Africa.

(left to right) Entrepreneurship Students Alex McKay, Jeff Sharpe, Christy Brunson, Keat Cahoon, Hayley Leis, and Kara Evans present a check to Hugh Wright (center with check) for $189, enough to buy 37 pairs of shoes from Sole Hope widows to give to children in Africa that will protect them from a deadly parasite.

Entrepreneurship Student Turns Hobby into Profits in First Semester

A year ago, Entrepreneurship student Stevie Apoian received a beautiful necklace from her sister for Christmas. Delighted to have been given such a unique gift, she admired the way the copper wire was intricately entwined to create a tree. The leaves on the tree were made of beads that twinkled as they caught the light from the Christmas tree. As many entrepreneurs do, her next thought was “I could make this” and Apoian’s Jewelry Art began.

After visiting several campuses in North Carolina, Stevie was drawn to the beauty of the Haywood Community College campus. Expecting to simply study business, she was delighted to find a variety of business programs including Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Business Administration, Office Administration, and Entrepreneurship. She met with an advisor during the summer and shared her career goals of owning her own business. Then she knew the Entrepreneurship program was the right choice.

On her first day of class, her Entrepreneurship Instructor invited everyone to be a member of the Haywood Entrepreneurship Student Association. In this first meeting she met other Entrepreneurship students who were not in her class as they prepared for the club fundraiser at the Jammin’ at the Millpond festival on campus. After talking with her teacher, Stevie realized this would be the perfect opportunity to showcase her jewelry for the first time.

“I had sold my jewelry to friends and family and wanted to take it in a more professional direction but wasn’t sure where to start. The entrepreneurship program has given me the courage and connections to seek opportunities to get my business started. My first showcase at the festival was a success!”

When asked what she has learned in the Entrepreneurship Program so far, Stevie is quick to point out the support and networking she has been exposed to. Exclaiming that the teachers are “awesome” and that she is surprised by the one-on-one attention she receives, she knows their support is sincere but is also realistic. Her advice to those considering studying Entrepreneurship at HCC is to “be open to all of your options, get help writing your business plan, and know that education is still important regardless of how passionate you are about your idea.”

Email Stevie at apoiansjewelryart@yahoo.com for more information on her jewelry and watch for her website soon!