How It All Works

Students may enroll in day, evening, or online courses throughout the semester at various locations. Traditionally, classes are small with students studying at their own pace. Courses are competency-based and there are no costs for tuition, books or materials. However, additional testing fees may apply for some programs.

Creating a Community of Learners

Our Instructors strive to create a nurturing and supportive classroom environment where students work at their own pace. Individual progress and successes are celebrated. Faculty and staff are available to provide students with the educational tools necessary to meet their learning goals.

Program Information

If you have questions about our program, would like general information, or assistance in choosing the best program option - please contact our GED & Adult High School Recruiter by calling (828) 565-4182 or ESL (828) 565-4181. These staff members are available by phone or by scheduling an office appointment to ensure that, as your partner, we work as a team to support your success in meeting your educational needs.

For all other program information, please contact our Administrative Office at (828) 627-4648.

Getting Started

The first step in getting started in any of our five program areas is to contact our Administrative Office at (828) 627-4648 for specific program enrollment information and document requirements.

As a department, we are committed to providing individual attention to each prospective student to ensure that they select the program that best serves their needs and learning goals. Adult students are unique and bring life experiences with them that will affect how they learn. Our program strives to build on past successes to overcome barriers and foster a new learning experience.


For all College & Career Readiness programs, you must register for an Orientation session by calling (828) 627-4648 in order to enroll.

Our Orientation sessions provide an opportunity to:

  • Complete Registration Forms
  • Receive program information including policies and procedures
  • Register for class site(s)
  • Complete a placement assessment
  • Dialog with a staff member about any questions or concerns

College & Career Readiness Enrollment for Minors

Prospective students between 16 and 17 years of age may enroll in our program provided:

  • The applicant is supported by a notarized petition of the applicant's parent, legal guardian, or other person or agency having legal custody and control. The petition must certify the place of residence and date of birth of the applicant, the parental or other appropriate legal relationship of the petitioner to the applicant, and the date on which the applicant left the public school system.
  • Upon enrolling in College & Career Readiness programs, students agree to adhere to the HCC Student Code of Conduct.

Please contact our Administrative Office at (828) 627-4648 for enrollment requirements and/or required consent forms.