Haywood Community College plays a vital role in the welfare, development and economic health of our community. Our leaders, staff, faculty and students care about our neighbors and invest time to ensure that our community thrives.

HCC is a resource for everyone. At any stage of life, you will find that HCC offers something to benefit you or a family member. From personal enrichment classes offered through our Continuing Education Division to quality childcare available at our new Regional Center for the Advancement of Children; from helping you find financial help to attend college to guiding you on the steps to starting a business or career, HCC is here to serve you.

In the uncertainty of our present economic environment, HCC is poised and ready to help dislocated workers through career assessment and retraining. The college is the key to having an educated workforce to attract new business and growth.

At the forefront, HCC has taken a leadership role in sustainability and is active in promoting it across the state and region. Our students, faculty and staff are involved in ongoing projects to promote accountability in environmental practices. In the classroom and throughout our working environment, we are taking steps today to preserve our natural resources for tomorrow.

And the campus itself is a source of pride for our community. Families gather at the millpond for weddings and picnics, the auditorium is the scene of graduations, organizational meetings, dance recitals, and community theater productions. In the past, HCC has hosted benefit shows for community groups as well as taken a leadership role in a benefit to aid Mountain Projects clients. The college also hosts an annual Jammin at the Millpond, a free event that celebrates our heritage through music and demonstrations such as molasses making.

HCC is your community college. One college. One community.

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