Dee Massey - Trained at HCC, Taught Safety Practices to Over 530 Professionals Last Year


Dee Massey is the Regional Fire Coordinator for the eight WNC community colleges and he received all his training from Haywood Community College.

In addition, he has worked for over 19 years at the Waynesville Fire Department and is the assistant chief at the Clyde Fire Department.

Last year, Dee taught safety practices to over 530 professionals through Haywood Community College’s Continuing Education Department. He teaches Levels I and II Firefighters Certification as well as live burns and handling LP gas.

“The instructors at HCC are very professional,” Dee says. “They taught me what I needed to know. And now I enjoy teaching younger firefighters what I know.”

As Regional Coordinator, Dee assists with the identification and delivery of training programs to local fire and rescue service personnel. He helps the local community college staff in researching and obtaining training opportunities, facilities, equipment, and aids to enhance the delivery of fire protection and rescue training and education programs.