Twin Paths – Leading to Success


“Going to HCC is the best thing I ever did for myself,” Tighe Wachacha says.   

Matthew Yates and Tighe Wachacha, 2007 Haywood Community College Film and Video Production graduates, are launching their own video production company, Twin Path Productions, LLC.

Wachacha’s experience at a university where he majored in media arts and Yates’ experience working in a video store where a lot of film majors hung out whetted  their appetites for filmmaking.

“My friends told me that at a four-year university you had to wait sometimes two years before you actually got to touch a camera and start shooting film. I was looking for something more hands-on. The first week at HCC I had a camera in my hand,” Yates said.

Wachacha added, “We gained experience in filming, sound, lighting, script writing and editing. As students, Tighe and I both gained valuable real-life experiences while helping film two biotechnology training films.The instructors were patient enough to let us learn from our mistakes and even now we sometimes call them up and get advice.”

The pair are also working on a documentary for the Cherokee Preservation Foundation.

“We feel like we are leaving a legacy with each film.”