Professional Crafts

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The Professional Craft Program was created in recognition of the strong heritage of craft in the region. The college wanted to create a place where students could learn the basics of their craft media as well as learn how to transform that craft into a business. It continues to be a unique program in the state of North Carolina as well as nationwide.

Classes are small with about 60 students in the consolidated program. Students enroll with or without experience in one of the four discipline areas: Clay, Fiber, Wood and Metals. They come from the local community, from across the United States and even from other countries. The program of study is challenging and students spend the majority of their time concentrating on the work in the studios. Comprehensive media courses stress development of skills and creativity. They are supplemented with classes in design, drawing, craft history, media electives, photography, business, and marketing. The program awards a diploma or A.A.S. degree to its graduates at the end of the two-year program.