Professional Crafts-Clay

Making, glazing, and firing functional pottery is the underlying philosophy of the Clay program. Students learn through personal experience by designing pots for preparation, cooking, and serving food. Through practical learning, students are able to refine ideas as they progress toward a cohesive body of work. With the making of bowls, cups, casseroles and teapots, students develop abilities to translate ideas into one-of-a-kind objects as well.

The clay studio is well-equipped with necessary equipment for making a variety of work. Each student is provided with a personal workspace in which to develop basic and advanced throwing skills and refine ideas.

The studio is equipped with:

  • Clay mixing equipment
  • 5 Electric kilns
  • 2 Reduction car kilns
  • Raku kilns
  • Wood fire salt kiln

Upon graduation, students will have and understanding of forming techniques, glaze composition and application, and various firing processes for electric and fuel burning kilns.

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