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Course Evaluations

Click on to evaluate your courses. You will be prompted for your username (usually fist initial, middle initial, and last name. Example: jksmith) and password (your 7-digit student ID number). Once you login, you will see a list of courses currently available for evaluation. These will change throughout the semester as classes begin and end.
Please note that a link to evaluate courses that does not require you to login was emailed to you as well. You can use the email link or the one above. You'll receive an email whenever a new evaluation is available or if we need to remind you to complete an evaluation.
If you have any questions about the course evaluation process at HCC, please email Annemarie Virgo at

Registration Information

Over 3,000 students are currently enrolled at Haywood Community College. Our students are a diverse group, ranging in age from teen-age to senior citizen. No matter what their ages, students have found that HCC is a nurturing environment with faculty and staff who are here to help them achieve their educational goals.

Links on this page provide pertinent information about our programs of study, our services, and student activities.

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