Distance Learning: Apply for Financial Aid

Online/Distance Learning students may apply for the Federal Pell Grant, Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant, the North Carolina Community College Grant, the North Carolina Education Lottery Scholarship, Federal Work-Study Program and HCC scholarships by following the steps listed below:

Students May Apply for Financial Aid By Following The Steps Below:

Step 1

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the appropriate academic year. Students need their prior year federal tax forms including W2s along with information about any untaxed household income in order to complete the FAFSA. Log on to www.fafsa.ed.gov and follow the instructions to request a PIN number for all persons responsible for signing the FAFSA. These PIN numbers are necessary to submit signatures electronically after completion of the FAFSA form. Answer all of the questions on the form, submit the form and print a copy for your records. Be sure to put the Title IV school code for the college(s) you wish to receive the results.


Step 2

Apply to Haywood Community College (HCC) on line at www.haywood.edu under Quick Links. Students must be fully accepted into an eligible degree-seeking program in order to receive financial aid. All diploma and associate degree programs are eligible.

Step 3

HCC’s Financial Aid Office (FAO) will receive the results of the student’s FAFSA within 5 to 10 business days. Students will also receive an acknowledgement that the FAFSA has been processed. This acknowledgement comes via email if an email address is listed on the FAFSA or by mail if an email address is not listed on the FAFSA.

Step 4

The FAO will send the student a letter or email about his/her financial aid application regardless of eligibility. Students may receive one or more of the following:
  • No Need Letter: This letter/email informs the student that he/she is not eligible to receive any federal or state grants. It gives information about other options which include the Federal Work-Study program, institutional scholarships, and the tuition payment plan. Applications and/or websites are provided for each of these options.
  • Request for Additional Information/Document Tracking Letter: This letter/email informs the student that the FAO needs additional information before the office can complete processing the application. If selected for verification, submit all requested information as soon as possible. Faxed copies are acceptable and may be sent to 828-627-4513.

Step 6

The FAO will e mail an award notifcation and put the award information on the student account. THis awrd information may be viewed on your WebAdvisor account.  Once the student registers for classes, the tuition and fees will be automatically charged against the award to the extent that funds are available. The student is responsible for any charges remaining after all of the financial aid is used.

Step 7

Students who wish to apply for HCC’s Scholarships may complete the application online by accessing this link for Scholarship Application. Students need complete only one scholarship application per academic year for all HCC scholarships. The scholarship committee meets as needed to select recipients who are notified via postal service.

Step 8

Register for classes. Students should contact their advisor to make an appointment. Remember that the number of credit hours taken may change your award amount.

Step 9

Purchase Books by access HCC Online Bookstore.

Step 10

Start “attending” classes by logging in and completing your HOP assignment. For information and help with logging into your courses please see Distance Learning which covers topics such as:
a. Adding or Paying for Courses
b. Withdrawing from Courses
c. Your Student Email Address
d. Purchasing Books Online
e. Distance Learning Help
f. Beginning Your Online Courses

Remember: Students are not officially “attending” classes until they complete the HOP assignment for each course. Students who do not complete the HOP assignment(s) are reported as a “No Show” in those courses. Financial aid recipients' awards will be adjusted accordingly. This may result in some students owing money to the college.

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