Distance Learning: Apply for Scholarships

Through the generosity of individuals, businesses, and civic organizations, scholarships are available to HCC students. These scholarships are established with gifts from donors to the Foundation and are either endowed or annually funded. Criteria for awarding the scholarships are specified by the donor in conjunction with the college. Endowed scholarships are generated through the investment of permanently-held principals so that only the income from the principal is used for scholarship awards. This enables the scholarship to exist in perpetuity. Annually funded scholarships are those for which all funds are dispersed as scholarships rather than as long-term investments.

Most institutional scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need.

Students May Apply for Scholarships By Following The Steps Below:

Step 1

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the appropriate academic year. For more information on applying for Financial Aid you can see Distance Learning: Apply for Financial Aid.

Step 2

Apply to Haywood Community College (HCC) on line at www.haywood.edu under Quick Links. Students must be fully accepted into an eligible degree-seeking program in order to receive financial aid. All diploma and associate degree programs are eligible and selected certificate programs. To see eligible certificates click here.

Step 3

Complete an HCC Scholarship Application at www.haywood.edu/scholarships. In most cases, students need complete only one HCC Scholarship Application per academic year in order to be considered for all institutional scholarships for which they meet the criteria.

Step 4

The scholarship committee meets as needed to select recipients. Scholarship recipients will be notified by email from the HCC Foundation Office.

Step 5

Upon signing the notification form and turning in a thank you note, the Foundation will be apply the scholarship funds to the student’s account. Once the student registers for classes, the tuition and fees will be automatically charged against the award to the extent that funds are available. The student is responsible for any charges remaining after all of the scholarship and/or financial aid is used.

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