Thank you to all of the individuals, community clubs, foundations, and businesses who supported Haywood Community College through donations to the Foundation in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013. The Foundation raised a total of $226,458 plus In Kind gifts of $10,000. This is what your support allowed us to do:

Scholarships – 120 students received nearly $175,000 in HCC Scholarships – Traditional programs, Adult and Continuing Education and GED

Mini-grants – approximately $25,000 supported nearly every student, program and department on campus

Emergency funds – 22 students received $8,183 in assistance to get over a major hurdle and complete their program

Restricted funds - $15,290 supported various activities and programs

Your discretionary gifts supported every student, program and department on campus with campus activities and various needs


Donor Profile - Eunice Fisher Brown


Eunice Fisher Brown always had a legacy of giving back to the community. She also had close ties to Haywood Community College and upon her death designated funds to establish the Eunice Fisher Brown Scholarship.

 “Mother was a strong advocate for community service and education,” explain her daughters, Caroline Brown Williamson and Eunice Brown Ledford. “HCC presented an opportunity for her to share her core belief that everyone had a right to education, and that knowledge provided an avenue which opened doors for people to explore career interests and to become productive citizens.”

At HCC, Brown served on the college’s Foundation Board of Directors for more than 20 years. At the time of her death, she was serving as secretary. She also served on the social committee and the scholarship committee, all of which she took very seriously. She devoted countless hours helping prepare for foundation events at HCC going above and beyond what was asked.  

“After the scholarship recognition event, she always expressed how she was thrilled HCC was helping a young mother or person who might have lost a job or overcome an obstacle to achieve an education,” her daughters say.

And now, the college will be able to provide another scholarship to continue this tradition. The Eunice Fisher Brown Scholarship is an endowed scholarship that will begin in Fall Semester 2012 awarding recipients $800 per academic year, with hopes to increase the amount awarded in the future. The focus of the scholarship is to provide funds for non-traditional students who have been out of school for at least 10 years, are over the age of 30, have a financial need, and want to make a career change.  

“HCC was important to mother because she knew that students of all ages and from all walks of life could enroll in programs where their skills, talents, and interests flourished,” her daughters explain. “And she realized students would bring their skills and knowledge back into the community.

A nurse by trade, Brown had a compassionate, nurturing spirit.  This was evident in the many volunteer capacities she held over the years. These ranged from the Red Cross and Salvation Army Advisory Board to Garden Club president, Parent Teacher Association, and many more. Even after her passing, she continues to give back to the community.

2013 Donors

President’s Circle
Audrey Glenora Thomas Trust
Raymond Caldwell
Champion Credit Union
Lily Fie and the Family of Terry Rogers
Dr. Walton W. Garrett
Frances & Clayton Alexander Foundation
Dr. Walton Garrett
Dr. Doris Hammett
Dr. Donald and Katie Hooper
Estate of Marjorie H. Kelly
Ted and Yvonne Lappas
Leigh Foundation, Inc.
Med-West Volunteers
Dr. John J. Nerney
Rickards Family Trust
Waynesville Rotary Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation
Windgate Charitable Foundation


Freedlander Society
French Broad River Garden Club
Gerald and Meilia Cox Family Foundation
Dr. Darryl and Diane Nabors
Shady Grove United Methodist Men
US Police Canine Association Region 2
Womansong of Asheville, Inc.

Rhododendron Society
Dr. William C. and Nita Aiken
A T & T North Carolina
John T. Beaty
Sara Queen Brown
Judy L. Carver
David and Teresa Chason
Lewis and Mabel Corwin


Dahlia Society
Bill and Kim Dechant
Victor and Jackie Dingus
Dogwood Crafters
Sharron Donnahoe
Neal and Barbara Ensley
George and Karla Escaravage
Robert C. and Frances Evans
Audrey Forga
Viola Forga
Tony Gaddis
Ken and Nancy Gilligan
Sandra Hayes
Haywood Builders Supply
Haywood County Soil & Water Conservation District
Haywood Electric Membership Corporation
Haywood Vocational Opportunities
Charles and Janice Henson
High Country Quilters Guild
Dr. John Highsmith
Hometrust Bank
Arnold Howell
Johnny and Julia Hoyle
Vesta Hrnciar
Robert and Colleen Jakes
Drs. Tony and Rose Johnson
Rolf Kaufman
Kimberly-Clark Foundation, Inc., Matching Gift Program
Bernice “Bing” Lane
Richard W. and Jynks Lanning
LOBO Properties
Nadean McArthur
Mike and Vanessa McKinney
Shaun Martin
Charlie and Christie Medford
Peggy Melville
Robert and Marla Morris
Mountain Credit Union
Paul and Mekenzie Mull
NC Community Foundation
NC Chapter of Wildlife Society
Alan and Julie Newland
Old Town Bank
Phillips and Jordan, Inc.
Dr. Deborah Porto
David and Bonnie Probst
Rebecca Anderson Trust
Bill Rhodarmer
Roger’s Group
Shady Grove United Methodist Women
Smoky Mountain Sanctuary Property Owners Association
Steve and Phyllis Sorrells
Reimar and Judy Steffen
Justin D. Stocker
Sweetwater Park LLC
Telco Community Credit Union
Thomson Foundation
James and Mieko Thomson
Dr. Milton Tignor
Charles and Winslow Umberger
United Community Bank
Mike and Vanessa McKinney
Jim and Marjorie Warren
WNC Fibers/Handweavers Guild, Inc.
Jim and Marjorie Warren
Wells Funeral Home
Coy and Dorothy Wood
Woodmen of the World

Mill House Society
Cynthia Bird
Blair Bishop
Nyda Bittman-Neville
Anne M. Bolin
Rod H. Bosse
Charles Boyd
Breese Enterprises, Inc.
Ron and Susan Breese
Brian B. Briggs
Mark and Mary Gaye Bumgarner
Christopher Carroll
Dr. Michelle Choate
Sheila Duckett
Forest Land Management, Inc.
Jimmy LaFrage, Jr.
Dr. Carroll B. and Olive Gambrell
Terry Gess
Haywood Waterways Association
Elizabeth Hembree
Shannon and Jennifer D. Herrera
Wendy Hines

Water Wheel Society
Zeb D. Alley
Dr. William Allsbrook, Jr.
Robert F. Bahnsen
William A. and Jill Barker
Tyler Beamer
Sherman and Robin Bingham
Carita Bird
Wilma Boatwright
Bradley and Barbara Bowser
John Bradley
Kathy S. Brooks
Doug Burchfield
Francis Burns
Russell and Margaret Burson
Sayward Cabe
Jeff and Meredith Carpenter
Clayton and Grace Cathey
Ronald Clauser
Alric H. Clay
James H. Cobb
William and Jane Cole
Meg Conner
Clay and Lauren Couch
Lonny Crawford
Elizabeth Culbreth
Charles “Skeeter” and Susie Curtis
Ron Davis, Sr.
Emma Dechant
Alan and Karen Denney
David Devore
Gayle Doughton
Patsy Dowling
Jack and Nancy Duckworth
Ralph and Jean Edwards
James Falbo
Denise Finger
J. D. and Tammy Goodson
Ronald Grady
Mary Lou Green
Marinda Green
Arch J. Gregory
Eleanor H. Hale
Dr. E.W. and Betsy Hardin
Dr. Frank and Debbie Harrison
Haywood County Farm Bureau
Haywood Rotary Club
HCC Business Operations

Matt Heimburg
Jeff and Pam Henderson
Steve Heulett
Ken Hipps
Deborah Hyatt
Dr. Ross and Sandy Irvine
Betty James
Renee Javens
Jenny Jett
Gerry Kelly
Robert and Norma Kimzey
Marc Lehmann
Stephen Lloyd
M.B. Haynes Corporation
Marlowe Mager
Jim G. and Wilene Marshall
Dee Massey
Steve and Gwynn McIntosh
Molly McNichols
Metlife Foundation, Matching Gift Program
Mountain View United Methodist Church Choir
Kevin and Emily P. Nelson
Don and Elizabeth Norris
Linda Norris
Gail O’Brien
Dr. William B. and Sandra Owen
Nikae Perkinson
Danna Phillips
Jeremy Phillips
Rev. Richard and Carol Ploch
Buffy Queen
Richland Creek Garden Club
Dr. Leroy and Gale Roberson
Richard and Patsy Rogers
Alton and Janise Rowe, III
Debbie Rowland
P. K. and Betty Rutherford
Tony and Leslie Scardaci
Schneider Electric North America
John Sherman
Laura Soltis
Mike and Susan Sorrells
Dr. R. Wright Spears
David W. and Barbara Stallings
Gerard Stamm
Dr. Donald and Barbie Stanton
Margaret Studenc
Teresa Tate
John Tench
Watson Electrical
Waynesville Haywood Concerned Citizens
Milton “Whit” Whitmire
Sam and Carolyn Wiggins
Barbara Wolfe
James and Jane Wood
Nonnie Wrenn
Michael Youngwood


Friends of the College
Don Adams
John and Laura Ammons
Myra Anderson
Don and Lois Apperson
Louise Baker
Mary Batten
Shelley Bleyl
Chris Bond
Allen and Betty Boone
David and Barbara Boone
Shauna Britt
Beverly Brown
Tina Brown
Carol Brt
Trent Burgess
Mary Burgin
David Burnette
Jesse Burnette
Linda Caldwell
Debbie Carver
Jenny Carver
Kimberly Carver
Felicia Chambers
Phyllis Chapman
Mike Clampitt
Rachel Clark
Betty Jo Coleman
Diana Conard
Michael Conard
James C. Corbin
Joan Corbin
Arline Cortese
Melia Crowe
Heather Cyre
Rebecca Daniel
Debbie Davis
Rev. John E. and Grace Davis
Kelly Davis
Pamela Davis
Sharon Davis
Donna Deluca
Paul Denkenberger
Sandra Dillingham
Damian and Linda Dirscherl
Bill Douglas
William Douglas
Catharine Ellis
Patrick English
Mary Ann Enloe
Brenda W. Fannon
Cheryl Farrell
Renee Finsterwalder
Sandy Fischer
David Forester
Ellene Francis
Wade and Bernie Francis
Cheryl Fulghum
Gwilli Gerichek
Robin Gibson
Donald and Geraldine Green
Carol Grytten
Frank Guest
Ray Michael Gunter
Charles Hallatt
Debbie Hannah
Melanie Hannah
Laura Harrison
Rose Harrison
Courtney Hays
Eva Hayes
Donald Haynes
Diana Heatherly
Ronald Heatherly
Amy Hill
Amanda Holder
Willie Hubbard
Sharon Hughes
Cody Hyatt
George Ivey
Preston Jacobsen
Lynn Jeffreys
Danielle Jones
Deana Jordan
Beth Kabinoff
Edna Kelly
Mary Killian
Jennifer King
Bill Kinyon
Steve and Wanda Kirton
Sandra Laney
Bruce Larivee
Tammy Leatherwood
Jeff Ledford
Austin and Tina Lee
Michael Lee
James E. Lewis
Kathy Lewis
John Lively
Landon Long
Pete and Kathy Lovedahl
Jennifer Martin
Massie Furniture
John Matchulat
Paula Mathis
Margaret McCleskey
Teresa McCracken
Wayne McCrary
Gordon and Martha McKinney
Greg McLamb
Mike Meadows
Harold Medford
Doris Messer
Gary Miller
Calisa Mills
Kerrie Mock
Marsha Monroe
Gerard Moody
Joan Morrison
Alan Morrow
Mountain Projects, Inc.
Amanda Muri
Sam Nichols
Theresa Oursler
Butch and Pat Owens
Connie Parsons
Dee Parton
Anita Peters
Brett Pinkston
Pioneer Club of BCBS NCFB
Francine Popular
Sara Porter
Tera Presnell
Ralph and Marty Prevost
Phillis Ratcliff
Doug Reece
Holly Richard
Kari Rinn
John Mark and Susan Roberts
Lisa Roberts
Terry Rogers
Tom Sauers
Norman Schroeder
John Scroggs
John Shafer
Laura Simmons
Polly Sloan
Brenda Smathers
David Smathers
T. D. Smathers
Bobbie Smith
Connie Sorrells
Peter Stanley
Rick and Suzanne Stello
Ken and Marsha Stines
Sandra Stone
Rev. Wilson and Anita Strickhausen
Rose Suttles
Bobby Swanger
Andrew and Megan Tait
Kelly Teague
George Thomas
Denise Thomason
Adam Thomson
Annemarie Timmerman
Phillip Turner
Angie Uhl-Kalev
Underwood, Dills, & Associates, PC
Teresa Vanlandingham
Erica Vaughn
Melanie Verno
Carol Vernon
Wayne Vestal
Russell K. Virgo
Stephanie Wampler
James C. Ward
Donna White
Jodi Wijewickrama
Deborah Williams
Robert R. Williams
Zachary Williams
Clarke Wilson
Rita Wilson
Carla Woody
Joanne Wooten
David Young


In-Kind Gifts
A Plus Tire Care
Beth’s Hallmark Store
Big Mountain BBQ
Blue Ridge Books
Blue Rooster Café
Bourbon, Barrel and Beef
Canteen Vending
Captains Bay Seafood
Christmas is Everyday
Christopher’s Vegetable Farm
Claymates Pottery
Coffee Cup Café
Dahlia Society
Linda Dickinson
Early Light Books
Elements Salon
Fat Buddies
Fitness Connection
Frankie’s Italian Trattoria
Green Brother’s Well Drilling
HCC Bookstore
HCC Massage Therapy
Heavenly Grounds
Sean Hegmann
Hello Gorgeous
Home Tech
Ingles of Waynesville
KOBE Express
Lowe’s Home Improvement
Med West Health and Fitness
Mountain Home Collection
Mountain Radiance
Mike O’Loughlin
Judy Ohliger
Onyx Massage
Papa John’s Pizza
Pigeon Multicultural Development Center
Guido and Elizabeth Roncallo
Sagebrush of Canton
Sid’s on Main
Subway of Clyde
Sweet Onion
Terry Gess Pottery
The Chocolate Bear
Twigs and Leaves
United Community Bank
Urban Athletic
Pearl Wallace
Waynesville Recreation
Western Carolina University Athletics
WNC Tents

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