Dropping Courses/Withdrawing from College

Dropping Courses

Your final eligibility for aid will be based on the number of hours for which you are enrolled at the 10% point of the semester. If you register and then drop course(s) prior to that date, your eligibility for aid will be RECALCULATED on your remaining hours as of the 10% point of the semester. Students who receive a financial aid check based on more hours than those remaining as of the 10% point of the semester may be responsible for repaying a portion of any financial aid received. Dropping courses may affect your eligibility for future aid. Students should consult the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy to determine if dropping courses will affect your eligibility for aid.

Withdrawing from College

  • All or part of your financial aid may be reduced or canceled.
  • You may have a balance due to HCC because your financial aid award was adjusted.
  • A hold will be placed on your academic record and you will not be able to request transcripts, register for classes, etc. until you pay the amount owed to HCC as a result of your withdrawal.
  • Your credit history may be negatively affected when HCC reports your overdue account to an external credit agency.
  • You may not meet the satisfactory academic progress (SAP) requirements for continued financial aid assistance. Future financial aid may be jeopardized.

Please contact the FAO prior to withdrawing from classes- this may save you money and future eligibiity for financial aid funds.

Please contact the Office of Enrollment Management for information on how to properly withdraw from your courses.

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