Dean of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Professional Crafts

Employment Application

HCC Applications are available upon request. A resume may be attached, but is not a substitute for an official application. Unofficial transcripts will be acceptable for application purposes.

Haywood Community College is an Affirmative/Equal Opportunity College.

Position Detail

  • Division:


  • Reports to:

    Vice President of Instruction

  • Responsibilities:

    Specifically responsible for department leadership, management, and direction in the following functions, the Dean shall:

    1. Lead by teaching (shall have a reduced teaching load) and by actively participating in student recruitment activities and in encouraging program faculty to do so;

    2. Foster and maintain a nurturing learning environment and a department workplace emphasizing institutional core values;

    3. Cultivate faculty and staff professionalism, camaraderie, and the pursuit of excellence;

    4. Participate in the development, analysis and implementation of varying methods of course development;

    5. Encourage and assist faculty in the periodic evaluation, assessment, and planning of program functions and foster the development and implementation of long-range objectives, goals, and plans;

    6. Oversee teaching and conducting annual performance reviews of program faculty in conjunction with Program Managers when appropriate;

    7. Maintain adequate procedures for faculty participation in department administration, including the formulation and development of budgets and financial plans, and for interchange of information concerning program matters;

    8. Conduct monthly (minimum) department meetings where minutes are taken and minutes are distributed to all department employees. Minutes should also be sent to the Office of Vice President of Instruction for posting and record keeping.

    9. Participate actively in Instructional Affairs and Curriculum Committee meetings, discussions, and decision making. Communicate recommendations/decisions of these committee actions to departmental faculty/staff.

    10. Utilize all appropriate means at his or her disposal to provide program faculty and staff with opportunities for continuing personal and professional development;

    11. Ensure that department faculty members/staff do not assume or be assigned undue responsibilities which might encroach upon the performance of their duties and serve as the channel for inter-institutional request; Dean also ensures that faculty/staff have appropriate workloads. If instructional faculty or staff workloads are low Dean will assign additional responsibilities.

    12. Act as the top tier adviser for students regarding courses required in any of the programs of study or instructional programs housed in the department.

    13. Promote vibrant program review process and utilize review findings to invigorate and improve programs of study.

    14. Work collaboratively with Division of Student Services, Business Operations, and other institutional support offices of Haywood Community College.

    15. Develop and maintain professional relationships and serve as a spokesperson for the department within the College and the community with agencies, businesses, and organizations essential to the program’s mission; e.g., industries employing graduates, 4-year transfer institutions, Haywood County Schools, Goodwill, Chamber of Commerce, program leaders at other community colleges, Department of Labor, Department of Education, National Association for the Education of Young Children, Society of American Foresters, etc.

    16. Utilize all appropriate means at his or her disposal to provide the faculty and staff of the program with opportunities for continuing personal and professional development;

    17. Provide leadership to uphold the standards and criteria set forth by the accrediting agencies the department that impact the department’s instruction.

    18. Serve on faculty, college and/or University and Community College System of North Carolina committees as appropriate;

    19. Maintain professional skills and subject expertise through continual study and research and through involvement in professional organizations;

    20. Participate in grant development and management;

    21. Support and encourage college-sponsored initiative and activities;

    22. Serve as program architect for department’s programs of study including, computer information technology, entrepreneurship, business administration, networking technology, accounting, jewelry, clay, wood, and fiber arts.

    Additional Responsibilities when Teaching:

    1. Maintain annually updated course syllabi and provide each student with a written statement of course requirements at the beginning of the semester including texts, course content and competencies and evaluation.

    2. Prepare course materials; use appropriate teaching techniques including delivering lectures, leading discussions and conducting laboratory demonstrations; and perform other activities, which are related to and meet the requirements of the courses.

    3. Conduct evaluations of student performance and assign grades on the basis of such evaluations.

    4. Maintain records of student attendance and grades according to college and state policy and procedure.

    5. Maintain posted office hours as required by College policy and procedure and be available for student conferences and tutoring.

    6. Responsible for the development and revision of course content, textbook/equipment selection, instructional materials and teaching assignments/scheduling.

    7. Responsible for administering student surveys in classes as prescribed by College procedure.

    8. Participate in the development and implementation of articulation programs and agreements and promote student participation in such programs.

    9. Provide students with instruction and career advisement and assistance in transferability as appropriate.

    10. Work with students and employers in occupational settings, on-the-job training, practicums, internships and similar work-related situations as needed.

    Maintain professional skills and subject expertise through continual study and research in discipline and through involvement in professional organizations.

    Other duties may be assigned as deemed appropriate and/or necessary by the Vice President of Instruction.

  • Qualifications:

    Minimum requirements: Master’s Degree with 18 graduate hours in a discipline area currently taught in the department. Demonstrated skills and progressive responsibility in instruction, budget management and supervision. Excellent human relations and communication skills

    Preferred Qualifications: Community College teaching experience. Ph.D. in discipline area in department or doctoral degree in higher education, education leadership or related field. Experience with online delivery methods for course instruction. Grant writing/management experience, 18 graduate hours in a second area of instruction needed for offering the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees. Experience with the SACS accreditation process

  • Salary Range:

    $47,770 - $68,940 plus $500 per month supplement for Dean duties

  • Proposed Hiring Date:

    January 02, 2015

  • Application Deadline:

    October 01, 2014 - 4:00pm

  • More Info:

    11 or 12 month contract. Position filled pending budget approval.