Work-Based Learning Information for Employers

Request A Student Worker

Complete the Intern Request Form.  A Work-Based Learning Coordinator will contact you to discuss the details of your work-based learning opportunity, and help identify a student(s) to apply for the job.  In the mean time, you can familiarize yourself with the employer requirements and expectations below:

Employer Requirements & Expectations

  • Provide a current job description for each student (to be turned in at the beginning of the work experience)
  • Provide a minimum of 160 or 320 hours of employment per semester depending on course credit assigned
  • Identify a qualified employee to serve as the immediate supervisor who will assist the student in developing and evaluating Measurable Learning Objectives that will be related to the student’s academic studies
  • Permit on-site visits by a college representative
  • Notify the instructor at the college at least one week before any action that might result in the termination or change of employment status of the student
  • Compensate student at a level consistent with regular employees in a similar training situation if possible (compensation is not required)
  • Provide Workmen’s Compensation Liability Insurance for the student during the period of the work experience for paid work experiences.
  • Evaluate the student’s performance during on-site visits and at the end of the semester
  • Adhere to the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Give permission to use the employer’s name in Work-Based Learning marketing/promotional materials
  • Provide the student with a supervised, progressive, and meaningful work experience
  • Assure a safe and healthy work environment


Are co-op work experiences paid or unpaid?
Ideally, students will be paid for their work. However, we understand that compensation isn’t always possible. Work experiences can be paid or unpaid.
What will the students’ work schedule be?
Students can work with their employer any time that they aren’t in class. We ask employers to be flexible with student schedules, because many of our students have other job responsibilities, families, and of course, school work. Ultimately, the students’ work schedule is determined by the student and the worksite supervisor.
How can I get a co-op student to work at my office?
Contact Emma Dechant in the Work-Based Learning Office at or