Facility Use Guidelines and Fees

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Facility Use Guidelines

  1. Scheduling Facilities

    1. The office of the Vice President for Academics is responsible for scheduling classroom and laboratory space for curriculum instructional purposes and Vice President of Workforce Development is responsible for scheduling classroom and laboratory space for continuing education instructional purposes.
    2. The Frazell Building Board Room is scheduled by the Executive Assistant to the President.
    3. Non-instructional rooms/facilities are scheduled through the HCC Events Coordinator.
  2. Groups Permitted to Use the Facilities

    Haywood Community College shall have priority in the use of the college facilities at all times. The college reserves the right to deny the use of facilities by any group. The college may reduce fees or sponsor events or partner with an agency at the discretion of the president.

  3. General Policies Governing Uses of College Facilities

    1. The educational program has priority in the use of college facilities at all times. No activity will be scheduled for use which interferes with the college instructional programs or activities.
    2. The use of any college property shall be under the direction of an authorized member of the College staff. Facility use contracts shall be issued for all non-college functions.
    3. Applications for use of facilities should be submitted to the College at least two weeks in advance of the proposed use. Facilities will not be reserved/scheduled until the educational programs have been scheduled for that academic term with the exception of the Charles Beall Auditorium which may be scheduled up to a year in advance.
    4. Keys to the college buildings shall be assigned only to college employees and buildings shall be opened only by such employees.
    5. Tobacco use is not permitted in College buildings and grounds are non-smoking facilities. Drinking or possession of alcohol and/or unauthorized controlled substances on college premises is prohibited. Food and beverages are prohibited in the Charles Beall Auditorium.
    6. Youth or children’s groups shall be adequately supervised by responsible adults provided by the sponsoring organizations.
    7. College furniture, and/or equipment shall not be removed, altered, re-arranged, or displaced without permission from an authorized college employee.
    8. Damage to Haywood Community College Facilities – User shall be responsible for the payment of any and all damages to the buildings, furnishing, fixtures or equipment whether caused by User or his patrons; normal wear and tear excluded. Nothing shall be affixed to any walls, curtains, seating, or other surfaces in any building without the express written permission of the college. Damage to the premises shall be at the expense of the User.
    9. Authorization shall be given for entrance to specific areas only and use of specific facilities only, within a building.
    10. Contracts for use of any college facility shall be revoked when the use interferes with regular college use, when facilities are misused, or when the foregoing rules are violated. Future use shall not be considered for organizations which have misused the facilities.
    11. The College will require as a condition of approval that compensation be provided for additional Campus Security Officers, cleaning personnel or other staff members deemed to be necessary for use of the facilities.
    12. The College may require proof of liability insurance by the user based on the risks involved in the intended use.
    13. The College may require proof of copyright license fee payment in the event of a theatrical performance, to include royalty fees for play production and for any music used in the production.
    14. Organizations using college facilities and planning for catering service need to gain approval of the Coordinator in advance. No alcoholic beverages are permitted. The contract for providing catering services is between the user of the facility and the caterer.
    15. Advertising – User shall not advertise any performance or the appearance of any performer prior to the signing of this contract, or until contracts involving all parties have been properly executed and exhibited to the Coordinator or the appropriate College Official prior to the signing of this contract.
    16. The College reserves the right to request that fees be paid in advance for use of the facilities.
    17. Technical Requirements – The Facility Reservation Form should include all technical requirements, plans, ideas and program content pertaining to the event. All equipment brought in by the User will be inspected to ensure safety and Haywood Community College will have the final approval and authority for the use of such equipment. Technical information form the producer shall firsthand.
    18. Concession Sales – Haywood Community College permits the sale of souvenir programs, recordings, books, or any related merchandise commonly sold or dispensed in auditoriums only from the tables in the main floor lobby.
    19. Donations – No collections of donations, whether for charity or otherwise, shall be made, attempted, or announced on the premises without prior written approval of the Coordinator or appropriate College Official.
    20. Seating Capacity – Persons will not be permitted inside any room in excess of the established seating capacity. No additional chairs may be place in the hall, hallways, or any other portion of the facility open to the public. No standing room may be utilized, nor is anyone permitted to sit in any aisle.
    21. Control of Building – Haywood Community College shall be at all times under the control of the Coordinator or his/her authorized subordinates. The right is reserved at all times for any and all employees of Haywood Community College so designated to enter the premises. The facilities are not opened, nor does any event begin, without the express permission of the Coordinator.
    22. Recording – User agrees that no recording, either visual or audio, of any kind will be made of the event covered by a contract without prior written approval from the Coordinator. Haywood Community College has the right to require payment for said privilege. The Coordinator has the right to record any event conducted in college facilities solely for the college’s records.
    23. Move-out must be completed within two hours after the scheduled event time. Failure to comply with move out deadline may result in the users effects being considered abandoned. In which case, they will be disposed of by the Coordinator as he/she deems advisable.
    24. Non-Discrimination Clause – Attendance at any event may not be restricted on the basis of race, sex, color, religious affiliation, national origin, political affiliation or disability.
  4. Interactive Television (ITV)

    Scheduling of ITV by outside organizations is coordinated through the Distance Learning Coordinator. Facility use fees and fees for options are to be charged according to the Fee Schedule for Facility Use.

  5. Off-Campus Centers

    Off Campus Centers are to follow the guidelines and procedures set forth by the college. Facility use fees and fees for options are to be charged according to the Fee Schedule for Facility Use.

HCC Daily Fee Schedule for Facility Use

Organizations may be subject to the Additional Services listed below depending on the size and complexity of the event.

Venue Rental Fees Per Day
Normal Hours
8am-12am Monday - Thursday
8am-4pm Friday
After Hours, Weekends and Holidays
Student Center Lobby $50.00 per day $100.00 per day
Student Center Auditorium $250.00 per day $500 per day
Millhouse/Pond Area $50.00 per day $100.00 per day
Robert Forga Softball Field $0 (Contract required) $0 (Contract required)
Regional High Technology Center Lobby $50.00 per day $100.00 per day
Regional High Technology Center Auditorium $75.00 per day $150.00 per day
Regional High Technology Center Conference Rooms $50.00 per day $100.00 per day
Classrooms (if available) $50.00 per day $100.00 per day
ITV Room $50.00 per day $100.00 per day
Creative Arts Gallery $75.00 per day $150.00 per day
Additional Services Fees
Setup/Breakdown $25.00 per hour, 2 hour minimum
Cleanup $25.00 per hour, 2 hour minimum (more if extensive)
Technical Support (lighting, sound and technology) $25.00 per hour, 1 hour minimum
Campus Resource Officer $25.00 per hour per Resource Officer
Piano Tuning/Rental $75.00 per event if piano is used
ITV Network $25.00 per hour per site

The above Additional Services Fees are the minimum and are subject to change based on the size and complexity of the event.

Haywood Community College retains the right to determine the appropriate number of Campus Security Officers and staff necessary to properly serve and protect the public.

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