General Education Competencies

Approved August 2010


Collaboration is the process of working cooperatively to achieve the needs of a group or team.

The Student will:

  1. Respect group members' individual viewpoints and roles.
  2. Develop group ideas, goals, and consensus.
  3. Meet deadlines and goals responsibly.


Communication is the ability to comprehend and communicate through various forms of media.

The Student will:

  1. Communicate, verbally and nonverbally, in relation to his/her course of study.
  2. Communicate with a diverse audience.
  3. Use appropriate mediums for communication.
  4. Use appropriate grammar, spelling, style, and mechanics.

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

Critical thinking is the process of analyzing and evaluating issues and ideas, identifying good and bad reasoning, and constructing creative and sustainable solutions to problems, in a variety of settings.

The Student will:

  1. Raise vital questions and issues.
  2. Gather and evaluate information from a variety of sources.
  3. Compare and contrast different points of view.
  4. Develop well-reasoned, creative conclusions and solutions.
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