HCC Foundation

The Haywood Community College Foundation works to aid, strengthen, and further the work and service of Haywood Community College. It assists the College in securing financial support for scholarships, mini-grants, College events, community initiatives, and student and instructor initiatives.


2013-2014 Scholarships

There are a limited number of scholarships still available for the upcoming Spring semester. Click on the "Scholarships" link to the right to see a list of websites offering outside scholarship opportunities.

Mini Grants Awarded for Fall 2013

Nearly $12,000 in mini-grants were awarded for staff and faculty initiatives, student instructional support, student experiential learning, and professional development for the Fall 2013 semester.

  • Metal for use in machining for Advanced Manufacturing Week
  • Ware carts for Professional Crafts: clay program
  • Subsidize HCC Natural Resources to attend annual Woodsmen's Meet
  • Subsidize Professional Crafts to attend workshop sponsored by Handmade in America
  • Subsidize membership for HCC Forestry club membership in American Society of Forestors
  • Graphing calculators for math lab
  • Software for PC's for GED computers
  • Intel reader for Read Aloud program
  • Software to update SIM man for Nursing students
  • Food Nutrition for qualifying students on campus
  • Vison screening on campus for students twice a  year
  • Shade screen for infant play area at RCAC
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