Additional Testing Guidelines

Testing Guidelines

  1. Students must provide photo ID in order to test.  This applies both to HCC students and to students who are testing from other institutions.
  2. Students are strongly encouraged to make appointments in advance to test.  The LSS will proctor tests for students without advance appointments if we have space to accommodate; however, appointments take first priority.  The student who is a drop-in tester must agree to the time limit for the computer or space for testing with-in the appointment-scheduling structure
  3. Students are required to sign in and out of the center. Their signature means they have read and agreed to our LSS Conduct Policy.
  4. Students from outside institutions (other than the North Carolina Community College system) must pay a testing fee of $25 per test (effective date August 15, 2011).  Students at Haywood Community College do not pay a per-test fee.  Distance Testers Information Sheet- includes directions, fee instructions, and contact information
  5. Students must maintain academic honesty.  Testers are required to place all personal items in the spaces provided [This includes a cell phone locker]. If a student is found with an electronic device (e.g. cell phone) not approved by the instructor, the LSS reserves the right to formally charge the student with academic dishonesty.
  6. Instructors and institutions must provide the following information for the LSS staff:
    1. Exam – either online or a paper copy (if online, then instructions to access the test),
    2. A completed LSS testing request form, or if from an outside institution, the institution’s testing and verification forms, and
    3. Important specifics in the form
      1. Notice of accommodations,
      2. Passwords,
      3. Test date(s), and
      4. Name(s) of testers.

Test Scheduling Guidelines

  • Unforeseen Events – The LSS reserves the right to reschedule testing under the following conditions:
    • Technology failure – in the event that the computer malfunctions, the testing time will be rescheduled, and the instructor will be notified.
    • Power failure – in the event that power failure occurs, the testing time will be rescheduled and the instructor will be notified.
    • Evacuation - in the event that the building is evacuated due to weather or other emergency, the testing time will be rescheduled and the instructor will be notified.

Appropriate Conduct (see our full LSS Conduct Policy)

  • In respect of other learners and testers, students using the LSS facilities must conduct themselves in a manner which contributes to a positive learning environment. This includes
    • Maintaining academic honesty,
    • Maintaining a lower volume speaking in the tutoring room and offices,
    • Maintaining silence in the testing room,
    • Keeping the work area clean, and
    • Appropriately using computers and other equipment in the LSS.
  • Academic Dishonesty will not be tolerated and is in violation of the HCC Student Code of Conduct (Student Code of Conduct and Discipline Procedures are located on the web, in the catalog and in the student handbook for reference.   For access to the procedure please visit the HCC Catalog & Handbook, pages 44-45.)