New Resources

We are happy to announce that we have a number of new resources in the LRC. Find each title in our reference stacks or access the full text e-version from our online database and journal collection:

Salem Health, Infectious Diseases and Conditions: Information concerning the diagnosis, treatment, risk factors, history, and current developments/technologies for all infectious diseases and conditions.

Milestone Documents in African-American History: Full text primary sources and from pivotal moments in African American history including court cases, legislative initiatives, speeches and much more. Includes scholarly analysis and historical context.

Milestone Documents of American Leaders: Full-text primary source documents from America’s important historical leaders. Includes historical relevance, biographical information and scholarly analysis.

Critical Surveys-Long Fiction: Nearly 700 profiles of major writers (international and American) of all genres of long fiction. Includes biographical information, historical context and analysis of the authors’ major works.

Each online version can be accessed from campus or remotely. Contact an LRC staff member for off-campus login information.