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Searching the Library Catalog

Subject Guides

Find a number of suggested resources for your program using our updated subject guides. Resources are arranged by topic and include print and online reference, databases, journal articles, e-research sources, internet sites, primary sources, and more.

Boolean Searching

Fed up with Google's 300,000+ results? Feeling overloaded with information? Try using a Boolean search to get the resources you need quicker.

The Basics of a Citation

Do you need to create a citation but not sure what information you need?

Style Manuals

Did your instructor say something about APA, MLA, or Turabian? Do you need access to a ciatation style manual?

Primary vs. Secondary Sources

Do you need a primary source for that research paper? Do you know the difference between primary and secondary? Let us help!

Resource Evaluation

How do I evaluate the quality and credibility of print, online and other resources? Check out this video and view/download this evaluation tool to help!

Resources Tutorials through NCLIVE

Please visit the Resource Tutorials page of NCLIVE for further video tutorials. Video topics include basic and Advanced Searches, navigating Literary Reference Center, viewing Ebooks, and much more!

Section Under Construction--please check back often!

Where to Start? Guide

How to analyze your assignment, select a topic and begin the research process

Library of Congress Catalog Classification System

Take a brief LoC Classification tutorial courtesy of the University of Georgia then test your knowledge with Carnegie Mellon University's Within Range game