Request a Hold from Another Institution

  • Click "My Account" using the tabbed link at the top right-hand corner of each page on our library site.
  • Click the "I Need Material" link on the gray menu bar.
  • Title your request "Interlibrary Loan Request"
  • Fill in the rest of the "Suggestion" box with the following: your name, contact email, the date you need the material by, and the title, author, call number, volume/edition, Item ID number, or any other pertinent information for the material(s) you need. The more you are able to tell us the greater the chance that we able to locate the necessary material.
  • Fill in the "User ID" and "Call Number" boxes.
  • Click "Send" to submit your request.

-For more information regarding Interlibrary Loans please see our ILL FAQ page.
-Please make sure to provide all of the required information. Incomplete requests will not be processed.
-You do not need to provide an alternate ID-your Library ID is sufficient.
-The online hold service is for specific items only. If you need help finding resources for an assignment please contact an LRC staff member about setting up a Research Consultation appointment.
-Certain materials, including reserves, reference works, and some audio/visual works, are often not available for holds.
-The decision to release material is made at the discretion of the lending library. An HCC librarian will notify you concerning the availability, estimated arrival time, and/or any conditions regarding your ILL request.
-ILL material usually arrives in 5 business days. An HCC librarian will notify you when your request(s) arrive.
-You may request multiple ILLS per Suggestion Box form.