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National Society of Leadership and Success

Welcome to The National Society of Leadership and Success!

The National Society of Leadership and Success is now on the Haywood Community Campus. If you received an invitation in the mail to join the society, please check out the NSLS website, http://www.societyleadership.org/. It is important that you understand all of the membership requirements before you decide to join. For more information, join us at our next NSLS Orientation, visit the NSLS website or contact an advisor.

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1) How much does it cost to join the society?
There is a one time $85 membership fee. Memberships are for a lifetime, and the fee is includes a t-shirt, pin, certificate and access to personal success coaches, recommendation letter and live video events.
2) What if I don't have the money right now?
Contact one of the advisors. Scholarships may be available (depending on the number of students who apply for financial assistance), or other arrangements may be possible.
3) Why was I invited to join the society?
Students with a 2.0 GPA or higher were invited to join the HCC chapter of NSLS. We believe that successful leaders are not necessarily limited to students who achieve the highest GPAs, but students who show initiative and interest.
4) How do I get the t-shirt, pin and certificate I paid for?
You will get the items you paid for with your membership fee at your induction ceremony, after you complete all the requirements for membership.
5) What are the requirements for membership?
Attend orientation, leadership training day, 3 success networking team meetings and 3 live speaker broadcasts during the semester in which you wish to join.
6) What if I can't complete the membership requirements in one semester?
If you can't complete the membership requirements in the first semester you join, you can complete them at a later time.

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Erica Vaughn, Department Assistant Institutional Advancement

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