This news story was published over two years ago. Class offerings/locations, college personnel and other details in this story may have changed.

Jammin' at the Mill Pond Jammed Full of Fun

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Last updated:Wednesday, Sep 02, 2009 at 09:23 AM Posted:Tuesday, Sep 01, 2009 at 11:34 AM

There was something for everyone at Haywood Community College’s Jammin’ at the Mill Pond this past weekend. From great mountain music and dance to the best catfish and barbeque around, a good time was had by all. HCC students, faculty, and staff demonstrated what is being taught on campus as well as some mountain heritage traditions worth preserving.

Ebiodiesel HCC Biofuels Coordinator Adam Bigelow (behind table) explains the process of making biodiesel to Jammin’ attendees.

Emolasses Hand-Wrought Metals instructor David Burnette (kneeling at table) puts molasses into jars. Burnette demonstrated molasses making with cane raised on the college campus. Attendees received free samples of molasses and corn meal which was milled on campus.

Ecatfish_bbq People enjoyed catfish or barbeque dinners beside the Mill Pond. HCC's Facilities Maintenance Team Leader Scott Page prepared the meals fresh on site.

Ecorn_shellin Young and old alike enjoyed a flash from the past shellin' corn at the event.

Edancing Kim Ross (wearing hat) demonstrated buck dancing with participation from several youngsters at Jammin' at the Mill Pond Saturday.

Efiddle Laura Bell enjoyed playing the fiddle by the Mill Pond.

Ehand_wrought_metal HCC Hand-Wrought Metals student Ronnie McElreath demonstrated blacksmithing techniques at the Jammin' event.

Ewoodsmens_sawing The HCC Woodsmen's Team showed off their skills at Jammin' at the Mill Pond. Five student clubs demonstrated what they are learning on campus.

Ebean_town_boys Pictured are members of the Bean Town Boys as they entertain the crowd at Jammin' at the Mill Pond. They were among eight groups of entertainers at the event.