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Parent Handbook





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Greetings to you and your child!  We welcome you to our program and hope you will find a warm and friendly place for your family here. We will do our best to meet your expectations for quality care for your child. In turn, we ask your cooperation in meeting various state and college guidelines for our program.

These include:                                                                                                

Safe Arrival and Departure

All children aver the age of one will be required to be at the center no later than 9:30am unless they will be out all day or they have a doctor or other appointment. If your child will attend but will be later than 9:30 you MUST call the front desk at 565-4050 before 9:30 so that a lunch can be ordered. We cannot accept a child that we are not prepared to feed.

Each child must be accompanied by an adult age 18 or older unless the biological parent or guardian of the child when entering and leaving the center. Children will not be released to anyone that is not listed on the form filled out on the application. If you need to make changes or update any information you may request to do so at any time. Without legal paperwork a biological parent/guardian cannot be refused to pick up the child so please make sure that the center has the most recent custody/visitation paperwork.

 Please greet and notify the staff in the classroom that your child is present. Many times staff is busy with children and activities   and may not be aware that you have arrived if you do not enter the classroom and speak with the staff. If your child will be absent, we would appreciate a call to let your child’s teacher know. You may call the front desk at 565-4050 or your child’s classroom to let the staff know of any changes. Also, we are required to call in no later than 9:30 our lunch order each day. If your child will be arriving after 9:30 you must call the front desk at 565-4050. If the call is not answered you may leave a message to let us know that you will be bringing your child and we will order a lunch. If you call and a lunch is ordered and you do not attend you will be charged for the lunch.

Please sign your child into the center each day and leave a phone number where you can be reached. These sheets are located at the front desk and in each classroom. Children are released only to those people listed on their application form. Children cannot be released to anyone under the age of 18 unless the parent of that child. Anyone new picking up will be asked for a photo ID. Please list at least three people who may pick up your child other than the parents. Any changes to your instructions must be in writing.  If you have a court order or a legal agreement please be sure a copy is given to the Center.  All parents have the right to pick up their child unless there is a legal document stating otherwise.

For your child’s protection, there will be no exceptions made to this policy.


On Time Pick up

Our staff are hired to provide child care services for a specific number of hours each day. It is important that you share with the Center Director at enrollment what times you will need your child to be in the Center each day so that schedules can be worked out to provide your child with the best possible experience.  Children miss their parents if the day is long. Fatigue can stress your child, so for your child’s well-being, we urge you to come and pick up your child on time. Any changes to your schedule should be brought to our attention as soon as possible. Please try to maintain a regular schedule as much as possible so that your child can establish a routine and develop a sense of stability during their time with our staff. If, on occasion, you find you will be late or need to change you times for care, please let us know so we can share with your child. If your child is left after hours and the center has not been notified, the Department of Social Services (DSS) will be notified. A fee will be assessed for late pickup in the amount of $1.00 per minute per child.

Application and Registration

  1. Parents must meet with the Center Director for a pre-enrollment conference prior to attendance in the program.
  2. Parents will be expected to complete:
  • application form
  •  discipline policy
  •  emergency release form
  •  Food forms
  • Permission for photos

 All forms must be completed and turned in to the Director prior to enrollment in the program.

  1. Parents will be given a medical examination form and immunization record which must be completed by a doctor or health care professional. This form must be turned in at the time of enrollment. You will be required to update immunization and medical information throughout your child’s enrollment at the Center.
  2. Parents of infants and toddlers younger than 15 months will need to provide a written feeding schedule so that we can coordinate with the child’s home feeding schedule. Parents are responsible for making any changes in their child’s schedule as eating habits change. You will also be asked to sign our SAFE SLEEP Policy

Registration fees

A $40.00 registration fee will be charged at the time of enrollment. If a child withdraws for any reason and then wishes to re-enroll a subsequent $40.00 registration fee will be charged.


Fees will be charged on the current schedule approved by the Advisory Council. Fees are to be paid by the 5th working day of the month unless other arrangements are made with the Center Director. Fees are assessed by enrollment not by attendance days.

A $25.00 late fee will be assessed for fees not paid by the 5th working day of the month.

A two week notice is required for withdrawing children. Failure to give a notice will result in the fee continuing to be charged until the two weeks is up. Refunds are not given for early withdrawal the withdrawal is past the 15th of the month.

Subsidized Care

Subsidized Child Care assists parents in helping pay for child care and is available for families who meet eligibility requirements. All parents who feel they may qualify for subsidized child care, or are having difficulty paying for their child care should contact their local subsidized child care social worker. Parents must verify proof of their family income. The fee is determined by the social worker and a Child Care Voucher/Action Notice will be completed. The parent fee will be printed on the Voucher/Action notice along with the date the fee begins and the times the child is eligible for care. Any changes should be reported to your social worker. These fees are due on the 5th working day of the month and a late fee of $25.00 will be added if the fee is not paid on time. All fees that are more than 10 days past due will result in termination of care.


 Returned Check Policy

If you pay with a check and it is returned for any reason a $25.00 returned check fee will be added to the amount owed and must be paid to the HCC Cashier’s office. Cash only is accepted for a returned check. More than one returned check will require that all payments be in cash.

Current Fees -Please ask the Director for a copy of the current fee schedule.


We employ sound nutritional practices in our program because of the recognized importance of nutrition in the growth and development of young children. We provide children with breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. Our menus are based on what children like and meet the guidelines of the US department of Agriculture food program. Children need to be present at the designated meal times to be served a meal or snack.

Parents are not to bring additional food into the center unless it is a special event or holiday and it has been approved before the day. Special dietary considerations should be discussed in advance with the Center Director. For children that have allergies or dietary restrictions a Meal Modification Form is required and it must be signed by a Physician or a recognized Medical Authority. This is a requirement from the CACFP program. If you choose for your child to follow a vegetarian meal plan you can notify us in writing and we can provide the substitution.

Children should not bring food to school!

The feeding policy for infants is as follows:

Infants will be held by the caregiver while the child is taking a bottle. Bottle propping by the caregiver is not allowed. Toddlers will not be allowed to carry their bottle throughout the classroom. The child will sit at an appropriate chair or table to feed themselves or be assisted. Parents are encouraged to inform the staff of any change in eating habits as soon as possible.

The Center will provide Parent’s Choice with Iron formula. If your child requires a different formula you will need to provide it in bottles labeled with your child’s name and the date. Bottles of breast milk shall be dated and labeled with the child’s name. All breast milk shall be used only for the intended child.

Bottles that contain formula, milk, or juice shall be refrigerated until the child desires to be fed. All contents remaining after the feeding will be discarded. This is a sanitation regulation for all child care. You may want to bring more bottles with smaller amounts so that it will not be wasted.

Breast Feeding…A special bond is formed when a mom breastfeeds her baby. You are also giving your baby special antibodies and nutrients not available in regular formula. We promote breastfeeding in our center. Moms you are welcome to come into the center and breastfeed you baby whenever and as often as you like!  

Field Trips

There is a permission form in our application packet for your child to go out of the fenced areas of the playground. You will be notified on a specific day as well, should a field trip be planned, and sign a classroom form. Our field trips consist of moving around the campus on special days. Parents are always welcome to join us on these outings! Should we ever take children off campus, you will be notified with a separate permission slip.



Please send a complete set of extra clothes with your child’s name on them for emergencies that will be kept at the center. Please keep in mind seasonal changes and send a sweater or jacket along for outdoor play. Please send your child in sneakers or other lace up shoes. Flip flops and open toed sandals are a real hazard on the playground and should not be worn to school. If your child does not have a change of clothing you will be called to bring one or to pick up your child within 30 minutes.

When children have toileting accidents we are not allowed to wash or rinse out the clothing. We can only place in a bag and tie up to send home.

Remember… active children playing indoors and outdoors will get their clothes dirty. Be sure you child is dressed in comfortable, casual clothes so they can freely participate in fun, creative, and sometimes messy activities that promote valuable learning experiences.


We are adequately equipped with age appropriate toys and materials, and recommend that children not bring toys from home unless requested by the classroom. (Ex. Show and Tell)

Preschool children do not generally like to share and a new item in the classroom is bound to attract a lot of attention. Staff members cannot be responsible for toys from home if they were to become lost or damaged.  Our classrooms have very strict guidelines from licensing about the type of toys we can make available to the children so please keep toys at home unless requested.

 If you child has an item for rest time it will be stored in the cubbies or sent home each day in a backpack. Please label these items with your child’s name for easy identification.

Staff/Child Ratios

Please review our STAR Rated license located on the bulletin board in the lobby above the water fountain. Staff/Child ratios for each classroom are posted in the classroom and shows how many children can be cared for by the number of staff. At the beginning and end of the day classrooms may be combined and the staff/child ratio is always for the youngest child in the room. Staff are aware of the ratios and the procedure to follow if additional help is required.

Staff Professional Development

All staff members have or are completing Early Childhood Credentials if they are working in a classroom. All Lead Teachers have or are completing an AA Degree in Early Childhood Education. All staff members are required to have CPR and First Aid that must be kept current. To allow for staff to attend workshops or have training mandated by the Division of Child Development the Center will be closed from time to time for our staff to attend training sessions. Parents will be notified in advance of center closings so that they may arrange for other child care. Parent fees are not refundable for those days.





Creative Curriculum

As a center we have chosen to use the Creative Curriculum in all of our classrooms. It includes goals and objectives for children’s learning in all areas of development: social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language. The Creative Curriculum is a developmentally appropriate program and takes each child from where they are and allows them to progress at their own rate.

Children in the NCPreK classroom are screened using the Dial 3 and the results will be discussed with parents.

We do make referrals to CDSA for children under age three if we feel services are needed and also to Haywood County Schools for children age three and over. These referrals would be discussed with the parent and they would give permission.


A schedule of holidays observed by the college (and the center) will be provided at enrollment and are posted in the lobby as well as on line at

Our NC PreK classroom will also have 5 Teacher Workdays that the classroom will be closed except care will be offered to children that are part of the extended day or wrap-a-round program.                                                  

Tobacco Free Policy

HCC is a tobacco free campus as of January 1, 2008. The use of tobacco products is prohibited on HCC property. This policy applies to all students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Campus police will issue citations for violations.

Campus Security

HCC patrols the campus at all times. If you need assistance please call 627-4515 or 646-5680.

Employment Policy

HCC is an affirmative action, equal employment opportunity employer that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, political affiliation, or national/ethnic origin.


Discipline Policy

The goal of effective discipline is to teach the child self-control. That is, to teach each child how to live usefully and happily with himself/herself and others. Good discipline results in a child who conducts themselves in an appropriate manner even when adults are not present. The benefits of respect, consistency, and positive reinforcement are more effective than corporal punishment.

The policy of the North Carolina Division of Child Development states that no corporal punishment may be used. Our full policy will be part of your enrollment information. At no time is corporal punishment allowed by staff and parents are not allowed to use corporal punishment while at the Center.


Biting is an issue that sometimes has to be dealt with – the center has a policy that will be shared at the time of enrollment. Please ask the Director if you would like a copy.

Health and Safety Policies

We hope to meet your expectations for quality, consistent child care. We cannot however, care of sick children in our facility. Please have a back-up plan in place if your child becomes ill.

Infectious Disease Policy

Child Care centers are, unfortunately, places where children are frequently exposed to illnesses. Their first participation in a group, as well as their own personal habits, often leads to illness.

In order to reduce the risk of spreading infection throughout the center, the following policy will apply: 

Children may not attend when:

  • Child does not feel well enough to participate in daily activities of the center
  • Staff cannot care for sick child without compromising care of the other children
  • Child has any of the following symptoms; unless you have a note for a health care professional stating they are not contagious and may return to care.
  1. Fever ( 101 degrees F. or greater and accompanied by behavior change and other sign or symptoms of illness)
  2. Signs or symptoms of severe illness such as persistent crying, extreme irritability, uncontrolled coughing, difficulty breathing , wheezing, lethargy
  3. Diarrhea: change from child’s usual stool pattern. Such as increased frequency of stools. Looser or watery stools:
  1. Diarrhea stool that runs out of diaper/unable to make it to the bathroom – can stay if no other symptoms
  2. After a second diarrhea stool child must go home regardless of accompanying symptoms
  3. Diarrhea that is contained but is accompanied by other symptoms the child must go home
  1. Vomiting more than once in the previous 24 hours
  2. Mouth sores with drooling
  3. Rash with a fever or behavior change

Fresh air and exercise significantly enhance the health and growth of a child. If you feel that your child is too ill to go outside and participate in activities, you should keep your child home an extra day to insure a complete recovery. We are required by licensing to be outside every day possible.

  • If child has been diagnosed from a health care provider for any of the following they cannot return until 24 hours after treatment and /or no longer contagious
  1. Infectious conjunctivitis/Pink eye – 24 hours after treatment
  2. Scabies, head lice, other infestations – 24 hours after treatment and FREE OF ALL NITS
  3. Impetigo – until 24 hours after treatment started and all sores have crusted over
  4. Strep Throat, scarlet fever, or other strep infection – 24 hours after treatment and child is free of fever without medication such as Tylenol or Advil
  5. Pertussis – until 5 days after treatment started
  6. Tuberculosis (TB) – until a health care provider determines that the disease is not contagious
  7. Chicken Pox – until 6 days after start of rash or all sore have crusted over
  8. Mumps – until 9 days after start of symptoms
  9. Hepatitis A – until 7 days after start of symptoms
  10. Measles – until 6 days after start of rash
  11. Rubella (German measles) – until 6 days after start of rash
  12. Oral Herpes ( if child is drooling) – until lesions are dry
  13. Shingles (If lesions cannot be covered) – until lesions have healed

This is a long but incomplete list of illnesses to which your child could possibly be exposed to while in group care. Please understand when the center staff asks you to keep your child at home; it is for the safety and well-being of the other children and staff, as well as your child.

If your child becomes ill or develops symptoms of a contagious or infectious illness while at the center, the parents will be notified immediately and will be required to pick up their child immediately so please update contact information as necessary.

You must have a note from the doctor stating your child is not contagious and can return to school if you want to return before the 24 hour waiting period. No exceptions.

The center staff will inform you if your child may have been exposed to a contagious or infectious disease while at the center. In return we would appreciate to be informed by the parents if you child has been exposed to a contagious or infectious disease while at home or away from the center.


If it is necessary for your child to have medicine administered while at the center the following regulations must be followed:

  1. Prescription medication must be in the original container with the pharmacy label and contain the child’s name, date the prescription was filled, physician’s name, and directions for dosage.
  2. NO medication can be administered at the center without written permission from the parent- a medication permission form must be filled out completely and signed by the parent.
  3. Over the counter medications will be administered only as authorized in writing by the child’s parent, not to exceed the amounts and dosage listed on the container. The medication must be appropriate for the age of the child or a doctor’s note will be necessary.
  4. All medications can be kept at the center for the length of the prescribed course of treatment. No medications can be kept indefinitely or to be given” as needed”.
    • A written statement from the parent may give blanket permission for up to 6 months to administer medication for asthma and allergic reactions.
    • A written statement for the parent may give blanket permission for up to one year for sunscreen and over the counter diapering creams.
  5. All medications must be given directly to the center staff by an adult. DO NOT bring pre-measured medication in a syringe or bottle because we cannot administer it that way. Medications cannot be given in Sippy cups or added to food. If you wish to give medication this way you will have to give at home.
  6. If only 2 doses are given in a 24 hour period, we would prefer the parent to administer the medication before and after child care services are needed.   




In case of an EMERGENCY:

During the enrollment you will sign an emergency form and have it notarized.  In case of emergency center staff will take appropriate action to notify 911, transport the child to get medical care and notify the parent/guardian immediately.

Emergency phone numbers are posted near all phones and the staff has been instructed on how to act appropriately to emergencies. A first aid kit will be located at the center and staff is trained in CPR/First Aid.

It is critical that we have telephone numbers where you may be reached in case of an emergency or illness. Please keep us informed of any changes and update contact information as often as needed,

If an emergency demands evacuation from the child care building all children and staff will go across the parking lot to the back entrance of the Student Center/Auditorium. Security will be available to help during the evacuation process.

During an evacuation for the college’s campus the center follows this procedure…

  • Staff load children into their vehicles
  • Transports to the MedWest fitness center gym
  • Staff contacts’ parents by phone as soon as possible

This procedure was approved by the NC Division of Child Development.

Reporting suspected Abuse or Neglect policy

North Carolina law states that anyone who cares for children are required to report any suspected cases of child abuse or neglect. We are required to follow this law accordingly and we will cooperate with officials as needed.


All parents are expected to:

  1. Parent must be present during the enrollment process and are asked to visit the center with their child prior to your child’s first day.
  2. Provide current medical and immunization information.
  3. Notify the staff of any changes with your contact information or changes to who can or cannot pick up your child.
  4. Participate as you are able in various events planned throughout the year. We try to schedule events at different times so that all families will have a chance to participate.
  5. Notify the Lead Teacher of any concern you have and also the Center Director. We will work together to find a solution. We have information about community resources and can help determine if your child could benefit.


A Parent Group will be formed in September of each year and it would be good to have representation from all ages served to give input to the operation of the center. If you are interested please let the Director know and we will work out the best time to get together.

Parents are welcome in the center any time we are open. We want this to be a place where you and your child feel comfortable so do not hesitate to call or ask questions.