Return of State Funds

The North Carolina state government has established the Return of Funds Policy  for Withdrawing Students which impacts SEAA-Administered State-Funded Grant Program recipients. Students receiving state grants will be required to repay a portion of that aid if they withdraw from all classes prior to the 35% point of the semester. This policy is not the same as the Haywood Community College’s refund policy.

State funded grants are awarded to students contingent upon completion of the semester. State-funded grant recipients who withdraw from class, stop attending, drop out, or are dismissed/suspended from class prior to completing 35% of the semester may owe back a portion of their grant that he/she received. Return of state grant calculations are based on the student’s last date of recorded attendance and/or class participation. The student will be sent a letter detailing any amounts due to HCC and/or to the State of North Carolina. Students will not be allowed to register in courses or receive an official transcript until his/her account is cleared. If a student owes money to the State of North Carolina, the student must repay the amount or make satisfactory payment arrangements to remain eligible for  aid. Students are given 45 days from the date of notification to make payment arrangements. After the 45-day period, HCC will follow the Collection of Accounts Receivable procedure.


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