Critical Success Factors

Until 2013, each year the North Carolina Community College System Office issues a Critical Success Factors (CSF) report. These reports provide performance data on the community college system and individual colleges using a number of predefined performance factors.

From the Introduction of the 2008-2009 Critical Success Factors report:

First mandated by the North Carolina General Assembly in 1989 (S.L. 1989; C. 752; S. 80), the Critical Success Factors report has evolved into the major accountability document for the North Carolina Community College System. This twentieth annual report on the critical success factors is the result of a process undertaken to streamline and simplify accountability reporting by the community college system. The purpose of this report is twofold. First, this document is the means by which the community college system reports on performance measures, referred to as core indicators of success, for purposes of accountability and performance funding. Second, this document serves as an evaluation instrument for the System Strategic Plan.

The current core indicators tracked for each college are:

  1. Progress of Basic Skills Students
  2. Passing Rates of Students on Licensure & Certification Exams
  3. Subsequent Performance of College Transfer Students
  4. Passing Rates of Students in Developmental Courses
  5. Success Rate of Developmental Students in Subsequent College-level Courses
  6. Satisfaction of Program Completers (Graduates) and Non-completers
  7. Curriculum Student Retention, Graduation, and Transfer Rates
  8. Client Satisfaction With Customized Training

The data for these measures is generated by reports created at the college and submitted to the system office for inclusion in the NCCCS Data Warehouse, a repository of record for college information maintained there.

HCC's CSF performance for the last five years is summarized in the following report: HCC Critical Success Factors Summary

The latest CSF report is available at: 2012 NCCCS Critical Success Factors Report. This report contains information for all colleges in the system. Archived copies of past CSF reports can be found at NCCCS Publications.