Julie Merrill

Julie Merrill standing outside on main campus. Julie Merrill has travelled far and wide but finds she likes the small classes at HCC.

Julie Merrill, HCC Professional Crafts-Jewelry student has been making jewelry for six years. But HCC’s blacksmithing classes is what brought her to the school. She already completed a workstudy at the John C. Campbell Folk School in blacksmithing but wanted to add more of the craft to her knowledge.

Julie likes to incorporate steel into her jewelry. “I like older, rustic-looking jewelry.”

She hopes to complete a residency at the National Ornamental Metal Museum in Memphis, Tennessee when she finishes HCC.

Julie has studied medicinal plants in Africa twice and in South Africa. She has also travelled around the United States, Italy, and Costa Rica. But ironically what she enjoys about HCC is the small classes. “You get to know the teachers really well. They are accessible and they want to share their knowledge.”

In her spare time, Julie enjoys long distance bike riding, gardening, and playing the fiddle.

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