Michael McCoy

A photo of Michael McCoy with video camera With the skills learned through HCC’s Film and Video Program, Michael McCoy is determined to direct a feature film one day.


Michael McCoy wants to make movies. For years, he has drawn action comic books and sees filmmaking as his next step in exploring sequential art. Currently, a part-time student in the Film and Video Production program at HCC, he is learning the skills he needs to accomplish his dream.
     McCoy went to work full-time as soon as he graduated from Pisgah High School and is currently a general construction contractor with a full-time job. He says, “Many of the organizational and pragmatic skills of construction serve me well in filmmaking.” McCoy admits that it is going to take him a while to get his degree—he takes one course each semester—but he is determined that he will direct a feature film one day.
     “HCC has the information and technology at hand but the hands-on application is what sticks,” McCoy explains. “I chose HCC because of the convenient location of the school, the friendly atmosphere, and because the school offers courses I am interested in.”
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