Onezean (Tay) Ravenell

Onezean hopes to one day run a quail plantation in South Carolina.

As Onezean “Tay” Ravenell, HCC Fish and Wildlife Management student, says, he was born with a BB gun in his hand. The Moncks Corner, South Carolina resident has a goal of one day running the quail plantation that his great uncle now runs. He has spent plenty of time on the plantation where his family leads hunts on horseback for quail and when quail is not in season, the hunt is on for turkey and deer. Tay says he would like to first become a wildlife officer before the opportunity presents itself for him to work the private plantation.

Before coming to HCC, Tay went to another college in his home state. He quickly found out it wasn’t the fright fit for him. “I enjoy the one-on-one face time I get at HCC with my teachers,” he explains. “I also enjoy spending time with my classmates and friends. We do everything together-hunt, study, go to the shooting range. I even forget about home sometimes because we get so busy doing other things.”

Another part of the HCC experience that Tay appreciates is the field experience he receives. “The field trips make a big difference. Working on the forest land that the college owns gives students a good example of what the land should look like,” says the Berkley High School graduate.

Tay is also a member of HCC’s Forestry Club and Wildlife Society. He is a member of the quiz bowl team and the obstacle course team.

Tay admits that growing up, he was not always the best speller or a great math student but he will never forget the day a wildlife officer came to his classroom while he was in elementary school. “The officer would ask questions and I knew the answer to all of them. No one else knew the answers.” This was Tay’s first clue of what he wanted to do for a career.

Tay says he is thankful for the support of his teachers and family.

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