Stephanie Costa

Stephanie Costa standing in weaving department. Stephanie Costa is finding ways to bring sustainability into the fiber program.

Stephanie Costa, HCC Professional Crafts-Fiber student, feels right at home at the college. She is totally immersed in the fiber program which is a passion of hers and she is completely dedicated to the sustainable initiative that the college has embarked on. Last year, she attended the college as a special study student where her goal was to weave things out of recycled materials, thus marrying two of her passions in life. While spring cleaning at her house, Stephanie noticed a garden hose with a hole in it. She wanted to do something to make use out of it. So she cut the hose into long strips and braided them to make a sturdy rug. Another project she completed was purchasing zippers at thrift stores and weaving them into a rug.

This summer, Stephanie went on a trip to Morocco where she saw tapestries and rugs that were thousands of years old. In high school, she completed a study on spinning which led to a four month apprenticeship.

“People have been using fiber for many years,” Stephanie says. “It’s an integral part of human existence and it exists in all cultures. I would love to integrate working with people, anthropology, and weaving.”

Stephanie says working with fiber is meditative and she is drawn to the color and texture. She grew up in New Jersey but moved to the area because of its rich craft heritage. When not attending school full-time, Stephanie works 30 hours a week at Early Girl Eatery in Asheville. She enjoys hiking, yoga, dancing, and fixing up her old house.

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