Susan Beck

Photo of Susan Beck Medical Assisting student and student ambassador, Susan Beck, made the decision to become a full-time student after taking a phlebotomy class.

Susan Beck came to HCC for Phlebotomy classes but liked it so much she decided to pursue an associate degree. After finishing the phlebotomy course through Continuing Education, Susan was planning on heading straight to work but she fell in love with the campus and decided to stay. The Medical Assisting student will finish the program in May.

Before coming to HCC, Susan worked in real estate. “When the economy dropped, I decided as a single parent that I needed something more steady. As a non-traditional, older student, I wanted security. The medical field always has a demand for workers. And I like helping people.”

While taking phlebotomy, Susan did an internship at Hazelwood Family Medicine. During that time, she watched the two medical assistants there throughout the day and decided it was something she would like to do.

“The turning point for me was when I walked into HCC’s Financial Aid Office just to check into financial aid,” she explains. “They helped me fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). From that, I received a Pell Grant. I had tried to go online to fill out the form but I was overwhelmed.”

The Sylva resident says she has experienced that same friendly, approachable atmosphere all over campus. “I love the small environment here. Teachers I had my first year still know me by name.”

Even though she completed the Phlebotomy course, Susan still volunteers at Hazelwood Family Medicine. She calls it a win-win situation. “I help them with phlebotomy duties and in exchange I get experience and learn about all the equipment. “

At HCC, Susan is very involved on campus. She is a student ambassador and a member of the Yoga Club and the National Society of Leadership and Success.

Susan has a four-year old daughter. She enjoys spending time with her and learning Spanish together.

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