Climate Action Plan

The Climate Action Plan summarizes Haywood Community College's (HCC) efforts toward the goal of climate neutrality. The accomplishments and strategies are intended to demonstrate leadership and inspire our faculty, staff, students, and sister institutions to act quickly (Climate Action Plan, 2009).

Under the Climate Action Plan HCC has utilized a Greenhouse Gas Emission survey (GHG survey) to understand and combat sections in which carbon reductions can occur. Take a look at the most recent survey, GHG Report (2008), to see how we impact the environment through GHG Emissions. The next survey will be posted by 10/1/10.

Main Goals:

  • Climate Neutrality by the year 2050.
  • Carbon Reductions through Awareness, Education, Energy, Facilities, Media, Grants/Fundraising, Landscaping, and Waste/Recycling.
  • Adopt and Implement Sustainable Policy

Sections covered in plan:

Air Quality and Energy Efficiency

Improve Transportation Efficiency
Example: 400 gallons of BioDiesel produced and utilized on campus each year.
Purchase Locally and Green
Example: 15% ($) of purchases are "Green" supplies and services
Increase Energy Efficiency/Conservation and Lower Carbon Emissions in the Workplace
Example: New buildings are to meet or exceed equivalent of LEED Silver certification in areas of water and energy conservation.

Water Quality and Quantity

Protect and Improve Water Quality and Quantity
Example: New procedure to protect and restore riparian buffers; establish 30 ft buffer on creek and do not remove vegetation and install native vegetation
Address Water Quantity Issues
Example: Procedure created to direct any plumbing upgrades that take place to focus on water conservation measures; low flow toilets, etc.
Implement Projects that Control Storm Water Runoff and Pollutant Loadings, and Harvest Storm Water Runoff for Future Use
Example: New paved areas must be handled with permeable pavers or alternative methods that do not create additional storm water loads.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce Waste and Reuse Materials
Example: Eliminate styrofoam cups and non recyclable bags from campus bookstore.
Recycle Materials
Example: Participation in RecycleMania; Waste Reduction category: #1 in the state and #19 in the nation!

Education and Awareness

Encourage Others to Practice Sustainability
Example: Include topic of Sustainability in course required for all first semester students in two year programs; ACA 111 and ACA 112.
Learn How to Practice Sustainability; Gain Marketable Skills
Example: The college is a leader for the Haywood County Chamber of Commerce Green Business Initiative.

Sustainability Leadership

Demonstrate Sustainable Leadership
Example: Annually assist at least two businesses and/or organizations with their implementation and outcome measurement of sustainable practices.

Sustainable Policy

Haywood Community College shall teach, demonstrate, and used sustainable development technologies that promote the economic, environmental, and social health of the College and the community it serves.