CODE GREEN Initiative

CODE GREEN is a North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) initiative to develop and promote Sustainable programs across all 58 NCCC's through curriculum and campus development. Haywood Community College (HCC) was one of the two founding signatories along with Wilson Community College (WCC), to pursue this as we move into a new and exciting green future.

After beginning this initiative in January 2009, CODE GREEN has embarked on several projects focusing on all facets of College infrastructure and curriculum. To assist in these projects each College has designated an "Implementer", who represents Sustainability leadership for their school. The Implementer collaborates across all colleges pertaining to each project and reports to their respective President to update on CODE GREEN. A great and current project is the SUPER CIP (Curriculum Improvement Project), which is designed to asses the current status of Sustainable courses, develop new courses, and provide resources to all Community College's to pursue their goals (view chart below for more info).

To assist Implementers, the Implementer Forum has been established. This resource will allow Implementers to share ideas on a permanent platform which can be found via the link below.



SUPER CIP Organizational Chart

Implementers List and Associated Colleges

Implementer Forum

Green News November 2010

HCC Best Practices NCACCP Meeting