Community Involvement

Haywood Community College (HCC) understands that for students to prosper they need to succeed both in academia and through community involvement. This is so true in a setting such as Haywood County where our graduates directly influence the future of our great community. To further foster this understanding HCC has undertaken several initiatives/projects to create a sense of pride through student involvement.

Examples of Community Involvement

HCC presented Sustainable Technologies at Maggie Valley Trout Festival

Low Impact Development Capstone Project at Lake Junaluska Assembly; Wetland Construction

BioFuel Technician Training Program

Environmental Biology Class install Two Wildlife Habitats

Green Building Students install foam insulation at Haywood Baptist Association

HCC holds a Renewable Energy Demo Day

Haywood County Chamber of Commerce Green Initiative

Students give up part of Spring Break to assist Haywood Waterways

Environmental Biology Class install Two Wildlife Habitats

Students from Haywood Community College designed and installed two wildlife habitats as part of Environmental Biology (BIO 140) in the spring of 2010. The two gardens were intended to provide food, shelter, and a place to raise young for the local wildlife. They were also designed to be educational and to promote the sustainable use of native plants in ornamental gardening. One garden is located on the campus of Junaluska Elementary School and the other is in downtown Waynesville near the courthouse. Both gardens also took advantage of local growers and supported our community’s entrepreneurs by purchasing plants from Haywood County.

Green Building students install foam insulation at Haywood Baptist Association

Students from the Green Building program utilize a hands on approach which allows for a deeper understanding of green building practices and associated technologies. Fostering this hands on approach students recently attended the Southern Energy and Environment Expo at the WNC Agricultural Center (Buncombe County), where they were introduced to Icynene foam insulation. Icynene is a new foam insulation product which enables building to be "super insulated" from natures elements.

The Haywood Baptist Association asked the students to come out and assess how they could increase the energy efficiency of their building. After assessing the site the students decided that Icynene foam insulation would be ideal to increase the building's energy efficiency. Home Energy Partners in Asheville gave the students to hands on training in spraying and associated safety requirements. Students then took their newly acquired skills and sprayed foam insulation onto the Haywood Baptist Association building, which is currently enjoying an increase in their energy efficiency.

Haywood County Chamber of Commerce Green Business Initiative

This is prime example of how we as an institution of higher learning help shape the world in which our graduates enter, by creating a "green" community. It is the Chamber's "...primary desire for Haywood County and the surrounding region to become a “green” place to live, do business, and visit" (HC Chamber of Commerce Green Initiative). Formed in 2008, the HC Chamber of Commerce Green Initiative have served 10 local businesses!

Five Goals toward Sustainability: 1) Air Quality and Energy Efficiency, 2) Water Quality and Quantity, 3) Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, 4) Education and Awareness, and 5) Sustainability Leadership.

Program Outline: Businesses wishing to participate must be member of the Haywood County Chamber of Commerce and be in good standing. Interested businesses must then submit a Sustainability Plan of Action and once complete they are recognized as "Going Green". Once measurable outcomes are obtained from the Sustainability Plan they can be recognized as "Green Now" businesses. To achieve the highest level of recognition, "Green Leader", the business must display significant outcomes for goal five, Sustainability Leadership.

HCC's Role: Dr. Rose Johnson, President of Haywood Community College serves as a chairperson on the Green Initiative committee. Dr. Johnson also formed the committee and it's associated goals. It is extremely important for someone such as Dr. Johnson and her influence/position to believe in Sustainability and furthermore our community.

For more information please click on the link to Haywood County Chamber of Commerce Green Initiative

Latest product of the Haywood County Chamber of Commerce Green Business Initiative... Canton Park -n - Ride is now open!

BioFuels Technician Training Program

Haywood Community College (HCC) recently participated in a BioFuel Technician Training Program funded by ABCCM (Asheville - Buncombe Christian Community Ministry). Blue Ridge Bio Fuels organized teaching materials and instructors which included industry experts, colleges such as HCC, AB - Tech, and Warren Wilson, as well as hands on demonstrations. Students consisted of adults interested in BioFuels, the associated fields and opportunities. The program was an intensive 5 day course built around BioHeat, Green Energy Sector, Plant Operations, Sales and Management, Collection, and Engines. HCC's Bruce Campbell and Preston Jacobsen brought 12 students from the Intro to Alternative Fuels course and lectured on the attributes for BioFuels in engines. Bruce Campbell also provided a demonstration truck utilizing biodiesel (B100) for students to see. The program was successful with over 20 students from the program receiving certification. A second program is scheduled for Spring of 2011 and the date will be posted once confirmed with ABCCM.

Students give up a part of Spring Break to assist Haywood Waterways

Students from Haywood Community College provided assistance to Haywood Waterways on the Monday of spring break 2010 by working on Jones Cove Creek on the campus of HCC. Students removed garbage from the creek, including a shopping cart, and about 250 pounds of other debris. Students also worked on removing non-native invasive plants from the creek bank in hopes to promote a more natural environment for wildlife and people enjoying the stream.

HCC holds a Renewable Energy Demo Day

On January 19th, 2011 HCC held a Renewable Energy Demo Day which showcased several technologies including wood gasification, solar hot water, and biodiesel. James Nowack demonstrated wood gasification through a portable wood gasifier which ran a light bulb and fan off wood chips. Two employees from SolTherm discussed solar water technologies while Bruce Campbell and Darell Honeycutt (HCC Instructors) answered questions pertaining to our biofuels program which creates biodiesel from waste grease collected from county school and converts it to useable biodiesel. Overall, 40 - 50 people attended which proved to be a great success with local community and business members attending as well as HCC students and faculty/staff. HCC will conduct another Demo Day at the upcoming 2011 Earth Day Celebration.

Low Impact Development Student Capstone Project at Lake Junaluska Assembly

As an integral part of the Low Impact Development curriculum, in their Capstone Course students work with local community partners to design and implement a demonstration project that incorporates LID principles. As part of her Capstone Project this spring (2011), Candace Stimson worked with Lake Junaluska Assembly and Project Engineer Mackie McCay to install a wetland at the outfall of Susie's Branch to mitigate erosion and sedimentation issues associated with development upstream. The constructed wetlands were part of a larger project that included restoration of streambank of Susie's Branch. For more details including outline, pictures and wetland design/maps click here for the powerpoint

HCC presented Sustainable Technologies at Maggie Valley Trout Festival

On 5.6.11 Maggie Valley held its 22nd Annual Trout Festival which introduced lessons in aquatic ecology, fishing ethics, water safety and the respect for outdoors as well as educating event goers about the various needs to conserve and protect our natural resources. It also includes sustainable living, timber, quilting and basket weaving demonstrations, live music and much more! HCC presented its very own Solar Concentrator, Solar Thermal and Solar PV displays. James Nowack also demonstrated the technology behind Wood Gasification.Click Here for Pics from Festival.