Sustainability Club

Looking to expand your knowledge and be more pro active toward a Sustainable future? Look no further as the "Sustainability Club" not only informs but actually performs! We take a real world approach to creating a more sustainable future by utilizing our "living laboratory" on campus.

Check out our latest community project!

The Clean - a - Thon was a success as we pulled out 9 bags (heavy duty large trash bags) of trash and roughly 100 recyclables (cans, glass, etc). We also pulled out various metal pieces and construction debris. Thanks to the club members who raised funds and participated in the Clean - a - Thon!

Remember anyone may attend (faculty, staff, students, and public) as we try to expand out presence on campus by creating an influential green voice.

Main Goals of the Club

  • Educate the student body on current and emerging sustainable technologies
  • Create awareness campaigns across campus and within the community
  • Implement sustainable projects through grass root campaigns and collaboration
  • Hold a strong and influential "green" voice on campus
  • Research and conduct real world projects to enhance work related experience (resume builder)

Recent Activities

  • Appointed Dustin Cornelison as President of the Club; 2/2/11
  • Approved fund raiser for purchase of Aerosol Disposal System; "Clean - a - Thon"
  • Raised over $400 from recent fundraising projects!!! (5/3/11)
  • Sustainability Assessment Walk: found may locations around campus in which to improve

In the Near Future

  • Purchase a Aerosol Disposal System; Aerosolv
  • Take a field trip to Blue Ridge BioFuels Reactor in Asheville, NC
  • Purchase REC's (Renewable Energy Credits) to offset 15% of College's electric consumption
  • Conduct various fund raisers to enhance project funds; Clean-a-thon, Bake Sale, Games, etc.
  • Host a "Green Film" Series to promote sustainable issues; free viewing, food, and drinks!

Meeting Minutes

10.14.10 in Sunrise Cafe

11.4.10 in Sunrise Cafe

12.1.10 in Sunrise Cafe