About the Website

The Haywood Community College website has seen several incarnations. Retired versions of the website can be found on Archive.org (Please be patient with load times, and please understand that archived websites may not resemble their original copies):



2007 Redesign

In March, 2007, a redesign of Haywood.edu began with the goal of completely revitalizing Haywood Community College's web presence. During the planning stages, priority was given to accessibility, usability, college brand, information security, content management and optimized information exchange. Ruby on Rails was chosen as the redesign's framework because of its project management features and its enforcement of ideal coding practices. The visual redesign was designed by John Bradley, Webmaster, and Debra Davis, Director of Marketing and Communications; it was implemented by John Bradley utilizing semantic XHTML and CSS. The 2007 redesign was released on October 31, 2007. For more details, please view the news release regarding the redesign.

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