Appalachian Heritage Arts Music

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Audio Engineering 1

Students learn how to set-up and operate recording equipment. Instruction will focus on the components in the audio chain including microphones, cables, amplifiers, speakers and more. Some of the concepts covered are: gain structure in audio systems; room acoustics and the principles of sound including, amplitude, frequency, wavelength, velocity and phase. Throughout the course, students gain hands-on experience through a thorough teaching of methods that can lead to a career as a music producer and/or audio engineer.

Banjo 1

Love the sounds of the Banjo but have no idea how to make it happen? Learn basic chords, songs, and tunes as you discover the basic techniques for clawhammer style Banjo including a batch of useful licks. We will work on developing basic left- and right-hand techniques.

Banjo 2

In this course we cover rolls, chords, left-hand techniques, licks, and melody creation, with an eye toward playing with others. Prerequisite: Banjo 1, or equivalent ability to switch relatively smoothly between the G, C, and D7 chords and to play at least one right-hand roll pattern at a slow tempo.

Fiddle 1

This is the time for you to learn to play the old-time fiddle! Find inspiration and a solid introduction to technique in this class. Combine the knowledge of what to do with the physical skills of how to do it, including the basics of tuning, noting and bowing in the traditional southern Appalachian Style.

Fiddle 2

This class is for fiddlers who have taken Fiddle 1 classes, or by discretion of the instructor. Note-reading skills as well as ear training are worked on during each class as well as fine-tuning intonation and general fiddle technique/skills. The growing music repertoire includes, Appalachian Style and a variety of other traditions.

Guitar 1

A course for beginners, as well as those who have some playing experience. Basic flat-picked lead playing and accompaniment, with emphasis on clarity, smoothness, and solid rhythm; focus on folk, bluegrass, gospel, and country traditions. Scales, basic chords, and simple songs will be taught, along with variations of different strums.

Guitar 2

A continuation of Guitar 1 (or Guitar Basics). Leading to the intermediate level, this course will include Barre Chords, more challenging finger styles and songs, more music theory and beginning note reading applying to guitar, and learning to read tablature. Students should have successfully completed level 1, or equivalent, know approximately the 15 basic open chords.

Mountain Dance 1

This class is for individuals with little or no percussive dance experience. Now is your chance to get "feet-on" experience in this wonderful, old time percussive dance form. Starting from “step one”, everyone will learn fun, exciting steps to take to any dance floor. No dance experience necessary. Tap shoes may be worn for this class, but non-tap dance shoes are preferred. You will need to find some good hard/smooth-soled shoes: preferably shoes that lace up (versus slip on), make a sound on a hard floor, and have a low, sturdy heel.

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