CareerWorks is Haywood Community College's Human Resources Development (HRD) program and is part of the Continuing Education Department. CareerWorks is dedicated to helping individuals create the future they never thought existed by offering training in the skills they will need to be successful not only in the job search, but in life as well.  We honestly care about the people we work with, and we want to see them succeed. We have trained, caring Career Coaches ready to meet individuals at their point of need, training them for careers and assisting them in accessing other resources to help better their lives.

Get Me, Guide Me, Root for Me is a slogan we adopted. When working with clients, our Career Coaches:

  1. Get to know them
  2. Guide them with thoughtful, kind advice
  3. Root for their success!

Our Services

Our services are based upon the six core competences of HRD: 

  1. Assessment
  2. Self-concept
  3. Employability Skills
  4. Communication Skills
  5. Problem-solving Skills
  6. Technology Awareness

Assessment To find the ideal career you first have to know what your strengths are, what you're good at. The assessment area of trianing can range from self-assessments, like skills inventories and personality assessments, to academic or employment testing, like the Career Readiness Certificate. Self-assessment shows you what you're good at and what interests you, academic and employment assessments show others (like employers) your skills. 

Self-Concept In today's job market, you can't just submit an application and wait to hear back, you have to be proactive and market yourself and your skills to potential employers. In order to market yourself, you have to believe in yourself. To do that, you need to have a healthy self-concept. Self-concept includes self-esteem, self-advocacy, and motivation. Our Career Coaches will be here, rooting for you, because we believe everyone has valuable skills. But you have to be your own bigggest advocate. 

Employability Skills Employability skills are often thought of as job search, resume-writing, and interview skills, but this area is actually our most encompassing competency. First, there's job preparation, that includes career and education exploration and goal setting. Then, job-seeking skills, which consists of job search, applications and resumes, interviewing and job selection. But that's not where employability skills end. Once you get a job, you want to keep it. So, employability includes job-keeping skills. Some of which are:

  • Personal Responsibilities
  • Time Management
  • Work attitudes and behaviors
  • Job Performance
  • Interpersonal skills

Employability skills also covers lifelong learning, like reflections and time management, and life skills, like parenting skills, community resources, and consumer buying. 

Communication Skills There are many components to communication. It goes farther than public speaking or written business communications. There's also listening, observation, reading, teamwork, and leadership. An effective communicator has to keep all of these things in mind. Good communication makes interactions easier for everyone involved, whether it's your employer, coworker, or customer. 

Problem-Solving Skills No one is perfect, that includes jobs. Problems do arise, and when they do, you want to be prepared to handle them effectively. Problem-solving skills are about strategy, decision-making, and conflict management. By learning these skills, you'll be prepared to overcome obstacles and resolve issues. 

Technology Awareness Technology is advancing quickly, if you don't make an effort to keep up, you could be left behind. Many jobs today require at least basic knowledge of computers and other technological equipment to make processes more efficient, saving both time and money. The technology awareness area covers basic computer skills for the workplace, internet navigation for career exploration, and electronic business communicaitons. Our training meets you at your needs, whether you're starting from scratch or just brushing up your existing skills. 

Our Centers

CareerWorks currently has employability labs located in three different centers. Each center is run as a partnership between the college and another community organization.


Joblink is a partnership between the Haywood County Career Center and the college. It is located in the Haywood County Career Center office

1170 North Main Street
Waynesville, NC 28786
Phone: 828-456-6061
Ask for Janis Rowe 

Career Connections

Located in HCC's West Waynesville campus, Career Connections is a partnership between the college and Goodwill of Northwest North Carolina.

23 Hendrix Street
Waynesville, NC 28786
Phone: 828-246-9233


Located in the Haywood Baptist Association's Relief Center, LifeWorks is a partnership between the college and Christian Women's Job Corps and Christian Men's Job Corps. 

228 Edwards Cove Road
Clyde, NC 28721
Phone: 828-452-3406