Class Schedule

Winter/Spring 2014

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Prepare or train for your career in fields such as health care, advanced technologies and public safety. Enrichment classes and programs are also offered to broaden your horizons and enhance your abilities.

For our main schedule of classes, please download the Fall 2014 Schedule.

Summer 2014

Title Start Date End Date Meets on/at Cost Req. Material
Please check our online catalog for additional courses:
Classes begin June 14, July 16, and August 20. Registrations must be completed at least 3 days prior to class beginning date.
Basic Beginning Computers 6/10 6/26 Tu/Th 6-9PM $75 No Book
Intro to Quickbooks 7/8 7/31 Tu/Th 6-9PM $75 Book
Intro to Windows 7 6/2 6/26 M/W 6-9PM $75 Book
Intro to Excel 2010 7/7 7/31 M/W 6-9PM $75 Book
Notary Public 6/7 6/7 Sat. 9-3:30PM $70 Book Required
Notary Public 7/12 7/12 Sat. 9-3:30PM $70 Book Required
Notary Public 8/9 8/4 Sat. 9-3:30PM $70 Book Required
Defensive Driving (DDC-4) 6/2 6/2 Mon. 6-10PM $60 No Book
Defensive Driving (DDC-4) 7/7 7/7 Mon. 6-10PM $60 No Book
Defensive Driving (DDC-4) 8/4 8/4 Mon. 6-10PM $60 No Book

All classes listed above are held on the Main Campus of Haywood Community College. For more information about online courses or computer courses, please call 565‐4241. For more information about Notary or Defensive Driving, please call 565‐4242.