Computer Training

Intro to Windows 7

This course will introduce the student to basic computer skills using the Windows 7 Operating System. Focused features include: Start Menu, Control Panel, File Operations, personalizing the Desktop , Programs Menu, and some basic Internet skills.

Intro to Quickbooks

Learn how to set-up and choose the best charts of accounts for your business, store important information pertaining to your clients, learn about vendors, printed reports, services and much more.

Microsoft Excel 2013

This course will cover the basics of building a workbook with multiple worksheets including simple formulas, print layout, basic functions, designing a database for sorting and more.

Digital Photography

Learn to choose a camera, specific features of camera menus, lighting, focus, and editing the photos you will take. Learn to resize, different saving formats, and more.

Basic Beginning Computers

The 15-hour course is designed for the absolute beginning computer user. Topics covered will include powering on/off, start menu, basic desktop icons, how to find a program, choosing the best software for the students’ needs, and introduction to the internet.

For more information on the following courses, please contact the Continuing Education department at (828) 627-4669.