Workforce Continuing Education Registration

This page is for Workforce Continuing Education registration. If you need to register for a Curriculum (for credit) course, please go to Curriculum Registration 

If you have attended a class at HCC within the last year, you can register online. Otherwise, you can register in person or by mail.


Register Online (credit card)

  1. Login to WebAdvisor.  (If you have trouble logging into WebAdvisor, please call 828-627-4009 or email
  2. Click the "Students" link
  3. Under "Registration," click on "Register and Pay for Continuing Education Classes"
  4. If you know the Course Code Number, you can type it in the appropriate field. If you don't know the Code, you can search for courses using the "Search For (Key Word)" field. Use key words that describe the course you want to take, such as "metal" or "CPR" or "welding."
  5. When you see the course you want to register for, click the check box at the left and then click the "Submit" button at the bottom.
  6. You will be prompted to answer a few dropdown questions and then click "Submit" again.
  7. Use the "Choose one of the following" dropdown menu to register for additional classes or to calculate your total.
  8. After all classes have been selected, use the "Payment Type" dropdown menu to select credit card type. This will then take you through the remainder of the payment process.


Register In Person (cash, check, or credit card)

  • To register in person, please visit the Student Services Building (1500) on the main campus in Clyde (1st building on left as you enter campus).
  • Student Services is open Monday–Thursday from 8 am – 7 pm and Friday from 8 am – 4 pm.
  • Drive to the back of the building and enter the parking lot to the left.  Student Services is located straight through the lobby.
  • Directions to the college 


Register by Mail (check)

  • Complete the registration form  and mail it in with your payment. The form includes instructions and the address to which it should be mailed.


Registration Policies

Registration Fees

Registration fees are due at the time of registration. Students are not enrolled until all registration fees are paid. Registration fees are indicated at the end of each course listing and are subject to change. Students are responsible for buying supplies and materials as necessary. Books are usually available through the College bookstore.

Computer Use and Technology Fee

The registration fee for continuing education computer classes includes a $5 computer use and technology fee. The fee is required of all students enrolled in Workforce Continuing Education computer classes.

Insurance Fee

Some courses require accident insurance while in class. For these courses, the $1.25 insurance fee is included in the registration fee and is required of all participants.

Senior Citizens 

As set forth in Chapter 115D-5 of the General Statutes, full-time North Carolina residents 65 years of age or older will be exempt from the registration fees for Occupational Extension courses. There are NO senior exemptions for Self-Supporting (SEF) courses.

Course Repetitions

Students who take an occupational extension course more than twice within a five-year period will be charged the actual cost of the course. This provision is waived if course repetition is required by standards governing the certification licensing in which a student is enrolled.

Refund Policy

Pursuant to the North Carolina Administrative Code Title 23, Chapter 2(D) Section, 0203(d), the college shall refund registration fees under the following circumstances:

If a student officially withdraws from the class prior to the first class session, the student will receive 100% refund. NOTE: Official withdrawal requires written notification received by the Workforce Continuing Education Office prior to the first class session.

If a class is canceled due to insufficient enrollment, the student will receive 100% refund.

After a class begins and a student officially withdraws from the class prior to or on the 10% point of the scheduled class hours, the student will receive a 75% refund. NOTE: For most classes, the 10% point is the first class session. Written notification must be received by the Workforce Continuing Education Office by the 10% date or 1st class session. Insurance fees are non-refundable.

Return Check Policy

HCC will charge a returned check processing fee for payments of goods or services not to exceed $25.00 for a check on which payment has been refused by the bank because of insufficient funds or because the drawer did not have an account at the bank.

Under Age Policy

Special rules and regulations apply to students age 18 or under. Please contact the appropriate department coordinator for more details.

Class Size Limits

Students may register for Workforce Continuing Education classes on a first-come, first-served basis. Late registration will be held at the first class meeting if space is available. Please register well before the beginning date of your class. If you wait, your class may be full or canceled because of a low number of registrations.


For questions with registration for Workforce Continuing Education courses, please contact Kathy Lewis at 828-627-4669 or