Parking Lots and Spaces

Parking lots on campus are desingated by signs and spaces are color coded as follows:

  • White Outlined Spaces – open parking for students, employees, and visitors
  • Yellow Outlined Spaces – reserved parking for faculty and staff
  • Blue Outlined Spaces – reserved for D.O.T. authorized handicaped vehicles​

Handicapped spaces are enforced by law enforcement as well as Haywood Community College Security.

A handicapped parking violation issued by law enforcement can cost up to $250.00 and requires a court appearance.


Campus Security Officers issue tickets for the following violations ($5.00 fine for each offense):  Violations are not limited to these infractions.

All parking fine’s must be paid at the cashier’s office only BEFORE pre-registration or registration for the upcoming semester.

  • Occupying more than one parking space
  • Failure to display a current decal
  • Parking in the lane of traffic
  • Blocking building entrances
  • Obstructing sidewalk
  • Double parking
  • Parking in restricted lot or zone
  • Parking in reserved space
  • Parking on grass
  • Parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
  • Parking against the flow of traffic
  • Protruding into the lane of traffic
  • Parking in visitor or handicapped space
  • Reckless driving
  • Blocking loading zone
  • Driving in excess of posted speed limits
  • Parking on shoulder or road

Registration for courses or release of transcripts will be blocked until violations have been paid.