Mission Statement

The Business Office develops and administers the College budget, protects the College's assets, oversees expenditures, supports faculty and staff in budget development, and presents a positive, professional image to customers.

Contact Information

Business Office

  • Christie Medford
    Phone number: 565-4168
    Office/building: 1541, Student Services
  • Sara Cole
    Accounting Technician - Accounts Receivable
    Phone number: 627-4604
    Office/building: 1543, Student Services
  • Jessica Kiers
    Accounting Technician/Purchasing
    Phone number: 627-4605
    Office/building: 1538, Student Services
  • Anita Peters
    Accountant II, Budget/Grants/Inventory/EAGLE
    Phone number: 565-4097
    Office/building: 1548, Student Services
  • Rose Suttles
    Accounting Technician / Cashier
    Phone number: 565-4161
    Office/building: 1545, Student Services
  • Karen Wade
    Payroll Accountant
    Phone number: 627-4603
    Office/building: 1542, Student Services