There are three main types of resumes.  Here are short descriptions of each:

Chronological Resume:  This resume type is the most common and is best for someone with a solid and steady work history.  Chronological resumes start by listing the current or most recent job and list jobs in reverse chronological order.  They also will include education and contact information and may include professional memberships or licensures.

Functional Resume:  Functional resumes may work better for someone who has large gaps in employment, has internships or apprenticeships that they wish to highlight, or someone who is changing careers.  They are becoming less common however they do serve a purpose and can be a useful tool.  They place an emphasis on the skills you possess and use work experience as an illustration to highlight these skills.      

Combination Resume:  Just as the title suggest, the combination resume combines elements from both the chronological and functional resume.  This type of resume usually lists skills near the top of the resume and follows with work history in reverse chronological order.  It is best to keep the skills section concise, usually no more than 4 or 5 bullet points.

Electronic Resume:  This resume type may vary greatly depending on your field of study and can take many forms.  The most basic format is simply a text only resume.  This format allows you to paste your resume directly into an email or onto an online job board and allows employers to easily search for keywords.  If you need to email your resume as an attachment it is best to use PDF format.  The problem with emailing resumes in word processing applications, such as Word or OpenOffice, is that the formatting may change from computer to computer so the recipient’s copy may look very different than the original.  For some career fields, such as web design and creative arts, it may be advantageous to have a personal website to highlight your work.  This is another example of an electronic resume. 

Whatever resume type you choose, the information should be clear, concise, and show why you are the right candidate for the position.